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ShowKatie Trautz and Michael Roberts ~ Old Time Duo 2013-02-07 Skinny Pancake, Montpelier, VT SBD flac 16 ~ Opened for Brittany Haas and 4Tet
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Info hashc77b22682802fd8a6bdbbbf395033cc0fa048391
DescriptionKatie Trautz and Michael Roberts
Skinny Pancake
Montpelier, Vermont
February 7, 2013 – Thursday

SBD > Sony PCM-M10 [24/96]
Recorded by Bill Koucky
Mastered in WaveLab 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0 dithered to [16/44.1]

** 16 Bit **

2.Good Winter
3.The Haunted
4.Lost Girl
5.You Didn't Have To Go
7.Waiting For A Train
8.Rain And Snow
9.Katie invites Brittany Haas and 4Tet to the stage...
10.Happy Hollow

Opened for Brittany Haas and 4Tet

Katie Trautz:

Katie Trautz is a native Vermont fiddler who has
toured nationally and internationally sharing traditional music and
original folk songs. She has released numerous albums in the past
three years, two of which have won ‘best traditional album of the year
in the state of Vermont, and another which recently was voted top 10
by Seven Days Magazine. Katie plays fiddle, guitar and banjo crossing
genres with her numerous ensembles. She has studied with some of the
greatest fiddle players in the US, including Dirk Powell, Pete Sutherland,
James Bryan, Jimmy Tripplett, and Bruce Molsky. Katie has played
alongside and shared the stage with many well-known bands including:
Aoife O'Donovan Band, Brittany Haas & Lauren Rioux, Dirk Powell and Riley
Baugus, Deadly Gentlemen, Sheesham and Lotus, David Wax Museum, Matt
and Shannon Heaton, Rusty Belle, Michael Chorney and Dollar General,
Brown Bird, Devil Makes Three, Anna Lindblad and Ryan Drickey and many
others. Katie is also the co-founder of the non-profit folk music school
‘The Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture’ based in Montpelier, VT.

“Katie Trautz is representative of many young people playing traditional music
today. On (her album) Remembering, she has used the traditional style to
establish her own distinctive and lovely repertoire." — TD, Sing Out Magazine

“On her new solo recording, Trautz does her mentor proud and really shines
as a vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter. Her fiddling is full of old-timey
swing, her five-string banjo playing leisurely, and her alto voice confident
and full of emotion.” –Robert Resnik, VPR

“In the spotlight by herself, Trautz reveals nuance and depth.
She approaches singing the way she does the fiddle: with a subdued
directness, creating a sound that’s beautiful in its simplicity.”
–Dan Bolles, Seven Days Review

Michael Roberts:

It turns out, according to Roberts, that "the song is a tribute of sorts to one
of the most amazing yet unknown blues singers of the early 20th century, Geeshie Wiley."
Wiley was a singer and guitarist who made just three records, all of which came
out in 1930 and 1931. Her best known song, "Last Kind Word Blues," has a haunting
sound that's channeled by Wooden Dinosaur, particularly in the group's weary, distressing lyrics.
In a soft and slightly sorrowful tone, Roberts sings, "Well, into the sea I dove /
A naked swimmer in a field of glass / Sunk my head beneath the icy cold / And hung
the flags of my country at half mast / For the fear inside our chest / Was a
sickness of the American heart / I found things that I could love much less /
I decided it was time to start." These heavy words are followed by the chorus,
"Hanging heads will drop like flies / To the ground with a face full of white."
Though it would be easy to feel a bit deflated amid all that, the intricate guitar
work and affectionate vocals and harmonies make Wooden Dinosaur an endearing,
understanding companion. It's like the friend you look to for empathy rather than
to be uplifted — a wonderfully sad and beautiful quality.

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