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DescriptionThe Window Panes
Sweet Caroline's
Winchester, Virginia
February 08, 2013

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Disc 1:

01. Tuning/Chatter
02. Cold Rain & Snow
03. Dark Hollow
04. Jack-A-Roe
05. Bottle of Sunshine
06. Minglewood Blues
07. Chatter/Tuning
08. Come Around

Disc 2:

01. Better Way >
02. Franklin's Tower
03. Cassidy >
04. Eyes of the World
05. Peggy-O(Fennario)
06. Take It All In
07. I Know You Rider

The Window Panes share a deep love of Americana/Folk Rock/Jam Bands/Psychedelia forms of music.
Influences on the band, which can often be heard throughout their performances include:
the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Keller Williams, Indecision, the Rolling Stones, and many others.

While the band enthusiastically enjoys covering such notable artists, they are far from simply being considered a cover band.


David Drew Porter (guitarist/singer/songwriter) & Paul Morgan (bassist/songwriter) began performing as a folk duo on
New Years Eve 2009. Then, under the moniker, The Window Panes, in the Spring of 2011, they were discovered by renowned
mandolin player, vocalist & songwriter, Vince Diem, of bluegrass group, Flint Hollow, at a coffee shop in Winchester, VA.

Next, came Christopher White to check out the trio and he joined shortly thereafter adding distinctively tasteful leads on
guitar and unique vocals. Wanting to take the group to the next level, the search for a drummer ended once Evan Wolfe auditioned.
Now, with the 'Dire' Wolf and Paul providing a solid foundation to complete the line up, 'the Panes' went to the 'woodshed' to
hone the craft.

2012 has found the band playing many festivals and an increasing notoriety in the region. The arrival of Autumn
has ushered in the cool hand of Daniel Sutter, to fill the gap on drums left by the departure of Evan from the Shenandoah Valley.
These guys combine passionate sets of original music with some of their favorite bands. These guys just enjoy singin', a pickin'
and a grinin'.

So, who are The Window Panes?
Come out to one of our shows and decide for yourself.

The Window Panes are:

David Drew Porter (rhythm guitar/vocals)
Paul Morgan (bass/vocals)
Chris White (lead guitar/vocals)
Vince Diem (mandolin/vocals)
Daniel Sutter (drums/percussion)

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4de21189e69857c7f2790ae719bb79d4 *twp2013-02-08d2t07.flac
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acesbacktoback 2013-02-10 17:10:17
acesbacktoback 2013-02-10 17:16:41
was just conversing with Paul from TWP and there may be a need for song title adjustments. i may have made a minor boo boo here but dont know for sure. will in an hour or so and will notify. otherwise enjoy as these fellas know how to jam it up and down....

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