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ShowNicki Bluhm & The Gramblers 2013-02-09 Vancouver 16 bit
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TorrentNicki Bluhm & The Gramblers 2013-02-09 Vancouver 16 bit.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asNicki Bluhm & The Gramblers 2013-02-09 Vancouver 16 bit
Info hash24af1c9e0738cd8e9d18d1afd948122591bf501c
DescriptionNicki Bluhm & the Gramblers
The Media Club
Vancouver, BC
February 9, 2013

** 16 BIT **

Source: Church-Audio STC-11 stereo cardioid mics (in collar) > Naiant Tinybox V1.5 pre-amp (+4 db) > Edirol R-09HR > SanDisk SD Memory Card @ 24 bit/48 kHz
Transfer: SD Memory Card > USB > Hard Drive > Sound Forge Pro 10.0a (minor edits & normalize) > CDWav (tracking) > iZotope MBIT+ (dithered and downsampled to 16 bit/44.1 kHz) > Trader's Little Helper (level 5) > FLAC > TagScanner 5.1 (tagging)
Location: Floor, DFC, 10' from the stage
Taped and transferred by: Dennis Orr (project #342)

01 Toby's Song
02 I'm Your Woman
03 Big Road
04 Go Go Go
05 Chat
06 Carousel
07 Loving You
08 Chat
09 Before You Loved Me
10 You Can't Fool The Fool
11 Chat
12 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (1)
13 Till I'm Blue
14 Jetplane
15 Little Too Late
16 Santa Fe
17 Chat
18 You're No Good
19 Burnt
20 Encore Break
- Encore -
21 Pack Up Your Sorrows (1) >
22 Beer & Booze (1)
23 Chat & Acoustic Setup
24 Faith (2)

(1) With Andy Lentz on fiddle and the rest of The Brothers Comatose on backing vocals
(2) Acoustic and unamplified

Nicki Bluhm - vocals, tambourine, acoustic guitar on "You Can't Fool The Fool"
Deren Ney - electric & acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Dave Mulligan - acoustic guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Santa Fe"
Mike Curry - drums
Andrew Prescott - bass

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dorrcoq 2013-02-10 16:39:39
Outstanding show, however there is some crowd noise. Including me telling a fat, old hippie to shut up during "You're No Good", and the brief verbal confrontation that ensued.
jahdawg 2013-02-10 17:53:51
Thanks for the pull Dennis, will be checking her out here in Montreal in April. Stand yer ground, it's amazing how many people go to shows just to yakiity-yak.
seth01 2013-02-10 18:47:17
This would be worth the download just for the "conversation" alone! Thanks for this, Dennis.
zmanatl 2013-02-10 18:49:23
Nice work Dennis! Wear your STFU t-shirt next time!
dorrcoq 2013-02-10 18:56:23
He was close to wearing my STFU fist. HAHAHA
LakerCrazy 2013-02-10 19:42:45
Thanks dorrcoq...really nice of to share the N Bluhm show. If that.."fat old hippie"..had on a tie dyed tee shirt...well then he thought he was at a "Dead" show! That's why they told everybody.."Stay away from the Brown Acid"! LOL
LakerCrazy 2013-02-10 19:45:07
With all due respect to the Dead of course.
dorrcoq 2013-02-10 19:45:31
Come to think of it...he was wearing a tie dyed short! Of course "fat and old" could be used to describe me as well. HAHAHAHAHA
TopHatTapes 2013-02-10 19:57:43
hahaha thanks Dennis
satchmo 2013-02-10 20:58:57
Thanks for up - we recorded them in Eugene but it was in an echo chamber that thinks it's a music venue!
dorrcoq 2013-02-11 04:11:15
Well...that sucks
cheesecadet 2013-02-11 09:27:29
Hey Satchmo, can you please upload he Eugene show regardless of the echo chamber?
caya3251 2013-10-21 14:01:12
Any chance that someone would be kind enough to reseed this? Pppplease.....
caya3251 2013-10-27 16:52:02
Thank you!!! Leaving it open for a few more days for anyone else that comes along.

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