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ArtistRailroad Earth
ShowRailroad Earth 2/9/13 Orange Peel, Asheville, NC-Schoeps MK41>CMD2UXT>Aeta 4minx
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TorrentRailroadEarth2013-02-09-MK41.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asRailroadEarth2013-02-09-MK41
Info hashb8fef29f657723ed079094bdeec75a09bddd2d44
DescriptionRailroad Earth
The Orange Peel
Asheville, NC

Source: Schoeps MK41(DINa)>KC5>CMD2UXT>Aeta 4minx(24/96)
Location: Just FOB; Slightly ROC
Levels, fades, dither and bit rate conversion in Sound Forge 9
Recorded by Stuart Tackett (gmail: stustu1)

Set 1

01. The Hunting Song>
02. The Green Roofs of Eireann>
03. Like a Buddha>
04. Lordy, Lordy
05. A Day on the Sand>
06. Lois Ann
07. The Jupiter and the 119
08. Mountain Time

Set 2

01. Happy Song
02. Birds of America>
03. Stillwater Getaway
04. Too Much Information
05. Reuben's Train*
06. Just So You Know
07. Peace on Earth
08. Bird in a House
09. New Lee Highway Blues>
10. Fiddlee
11. Encore break
12. Old Man and the Land
13. Fisherman's Blues

*with Jason Flourney on banjo
Checksumsab4715600978c4cbaf414055773da197 *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s1t01.flac
47bb0307efdf255ac54dadb7b7661d4f *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s1t02.flac
bd34966f4f5926617c5de662750c53b9 *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s1t03.flac
316a03c475689c182f6b9251e80b6701 *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s1t04.flac
aa15f70680c1a7cdd926a8cde285097c *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s1t05.flac
7197a8f2497d27f78800fde5e680d8ae *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s1t06.flac
463407f871d052cb4355bfaf241927cc *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s1t07.flac
64478a547f3030d697685c802ae1b591 *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s1t08.flac
ae757c4d11f8955b04a0a80e0fc3858c *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t01.flac
e4fe8451c4483c8b6e29e44a0193064b *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t02.flac
4ee8c13df86de3f68b9459e73117700c *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t03.flac
d8f2b65963a704397c5af34e982bb1bd *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t04.flac
003c23db6425442b3b9ed40cc7f1883b *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t05.flac
c013bfb480fd82317303d72ce8ee7cac *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t06.flac
bbadaf579b95a89d5bd87c453fd97f69 *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t07.flac
28360992b67f3d2e70a9a38af00628ca *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t08.flac
963e215c9281c8a967619d7fe71ea021 *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t09.flac
ff8651e08543edb7ef4080b2e91a5b2b *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t10.flac
78ba7f6c656ec4475f0e4bbe1b16b059 *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t11.flac
2dc7c537f59ed35eb3af1740d4634b81 *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t12.flac
515c5d80edac63ab71b4ab21f3d185fc *RRE2013-02-09-mk41-s2t13.flac
TypeRailroad Earth
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zmanatl 2013-02-10 19:53:57
Nice work Stu!
aolong 2013-02-10 22:45:14
db show link
LAStubbe 2013-02-12 08:53:27
Nice rig stu!
adamdowns 2013-02-12 22:26:58
so i see i have a fellow phriend in the wonderful world of digital its not so lonely anymore. sure is a lot nicer that lugging around all that gear isn't it stu?? :)

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