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ShowReina Collins Band @ The Crooked Chicken Ranch Lutz, FL 2013-01-19 MATRIX
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TorrentReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19.matrix.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash47abee3badba946c550f1838657b0000de3481bf
DescriptionReina Collins Band
The Crooked Chicken Ranch
Lutz, FL
2013-01-19 Saturday
74'F 41%RH

Source: (1) Busman BSCS-L > R-44 (24/48)
(2) JB-mod Nak CM-300's (CP-3) > R-44 (24/48)
(3) Avantone CK-1's (omni) > R-44 (24/48)
(4) SBD > R-44 (24/48)
Location: (1 & 2) FOB sweet spot and (3) onstage
Transfer: Audacity > Soundforge > r8brain > CDWave > FLAC
Sponsors: Robbie and Melissa at
Soundman: Smilin' Bill Stambaugh and Stormcrow Bob
Taped and matrixed by capnhook and Walstib62

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Moon Heart > Strange Brew
d1t03 Whirlwind
d1t04 Florida Girl
d1t05 Big River
d1t06 Walk At Dawn
d1t07 Where'd You Go
d1t08 Some Early Morning
d1t09 You Know
d1t10 -band intros-
d1t11 Tailwind
d1t12 Eyes Of The World
d1t13 -outtro-

Never For Sale.
Please support artists that allow taping by buying merchandise & attending shows.

Reina Collins - vocals
Animal Quesenberry - Keys
Sean Hartley - Guitar
Adam Mann - Drums
Theodore Jenkins - Bass
Checksums; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader\\\'s Little Helper<br />
; generated on February 10, 2013, at 21:53:20<br />
<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t01_-intro-.flac:9dbcce9396d182d5de71c070be7cab07<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t02_Moon_Heart.flac:b90f21fabd52f162ed92d737a1a3e043<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t03_Whirlwind.flac:4f9628210c5b9401780a0810a8e75687<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t04_Florida_Girl.flac:d21e027d96056f9c7a1e1bf3603db0d1<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t05_Big_River.flac:6bb12659e893df252b328ada9400986e<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t06_Walk_At_Dawn.flac:27214cf6ef1153581d6a8958cf242795<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t07_Whered_You_Go.flac:811802cf05ea04095fa567b7b7acd783<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t08_Some_Early_Morning.flac:dc224c47894b002b69c5b55dc77f0adc<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t09_You_Know.flac:afe32f4e2fa061a74b09e10d032e9917<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t10_-band_intros-.flac:98b8f09a1ffa8b169105709e2de9127d<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t11_Tailwind.flac:3269ffd5269139aa02aa5cd838f2158a<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t12_Eyes_Of_The_World.flac:ce873142f5647d720387a93be8a4770c<br />
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t13_-outtro-.flac:1cf022c24119f607ea8584877f3bebfd<br />
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ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t02_Moon_Heart.flac50.85 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t12_Eyes_Of_The_World.flac34.01 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t07_Whered_You_Go.flac31.63 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t06_Walk_At_Dawn.flac31.12 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t03_Whirlwind.flac30.70 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t08_Some_Early_Morning.flac25.57 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t09_You_Know.flac23.72 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t05_Big_River.flac22.96 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t11_Tailwind.flac20.54 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t04_Florida_Girl.flac18.55 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t13_-outtro-.flac4.44 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t10_-band_intros-.flac3.82 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19_d1t01_-intro-.flac1.52 MBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19.matrix.flac16.ffp1.2 kBN/A
ReinaCollinsBand2013-01-19.matrix.flac16.txt1.2 kBN/A
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gr8fuledg 2013-02-15 16:43:44
I arrived late this day and missed this set so a big thank you to you my friend for matrixing and sharing
capnhook53 2013-03-12 18:42:31
You're very welcome, gr8tful to call you friend. Thanks for spreading the music. Thanks for the killer set, Reina!


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