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ShowGibson Brothers 2013-02-09 Flac16 Barre Opera House, Barre, VT 5 mic Matrix
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Torrentgibson2013-02-09.mtx.coniff.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash5659a5dfef291733917f34777d2cd605fd35253f
DescriptionThe Gibson Brothers
Barre Opera House
Barre, Vermont
February 9, 2013 Saturday

Leigh Gibson Guitar, Vocals
Eric Gibson - Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Joe Walsh Mandolin
Michael Barber Bass
Clayton Campbell - Fiddle

5 Mic Matrix:[(1) Sennheiser 441 +(2) Avatone CK-1] at lip of stage +
(2) Oktava MC- 012 in front of left stack > Tascam 680 [24/48]
Mastered in WaveLab 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0 dithered to [16/44.1]
Matrix Breakdown: Sennheiser 25%, Avetone 25% Oktava 50%
Recorded by Casey Coniff, Mastered by Bill Koucky

** 16 Bit **

1st Set:

1.Introduction Dan Casey
2.Help My Brother
3.The Darker The Night The Better I See
4.Tennessee Blues
5.Safe Passage
6.They Called It Music
7.Farm Of Yesterday
8.Band Intros
9.Red Letter Day For The Blues
10.Dying For Somebody To Live For
11.Walking West To Memphis
12.Banjo Instrumental
13.Happy Sunny Side Of Life

2nd Set:

1.Introduction Dan Casey
2.Ring The Bell
3.Iron And Diamonds
4.Frozen In Time
5.Sally Gooden
6.The Wishing Well Ain't Workin'
7.Blue Yodel Number Three
8.Dreams That End Like This
9.Devil's Dream
11.I'll Work It Out
12.Long Journey Home
14.She Paints A Picture

Checksumsgibson2013-02-09d1t01-Intro.flac:81e71233268b80218410789173836c9e<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t02-Help My Brother.flac:cd1344c4b5c1567fe70939bc33397007<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t03-The Darker The Night.flac:48b204aad69fa2825aee8457d4f09e04<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t04-Tennessee Blues.flac:e9c8adc88119e8af29f6f47412e04190<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t05-Safe Passage.flac:2e6522a76a461c189002eb463183a894<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t06-They Called It Music.flac:535487b25d4222bc467665d9631def77<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t07-Farm Of Yesterday.flac:ee1d29f26ad3762b2673ed88cb4ffca2<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t08-Band Intros.flac:ea99838dd15acd6a450f14fcd87b9a28<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t09-Red Letter Day.flac:949c54daca921185fb318c1d31e54232<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t10-Dying For Somebody To Live For.flac:624b9197e51915ff193d01bb9e0737c3<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t11-Walking West To Memphis.flac:3c32003a06065692b18c443539fbd66a<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t12-Instrumental.flac:7b398eb2e5c2a05db6d95f8cc2dad6e0<br />
gibson2013-02-09d1t13-Happy Sunny Side Of Life.flac:6dea059bcdfce5a1b64c586797d43a3e<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t01-Intro.flac:53dd311ae295193df6e49d3ea9ec9afb<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t02-Ring The Bell.flac:742ac7c481fcafc01026ace831736dd4<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t03-Iron And Diamonds.flac:54df18e7e81b99c1c7f796708f43540e<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t04-Frozen In Time.flac:282cfcb592694425692b13776f88e0cb<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t05-Sally Gooden.flac:55288c4ec741c2935f452cc9ef72c167<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t06-The Wishing Well.flac:837a23e7c5dcb1e34888e00d6189f934<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t07-Blue Yodel Number Three.flac:adf0c52426f4c63f5fd68ba5765b88d4<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t08-Dreams That End Like This.flac:0c7f8f42a638f54749e12977254f621e<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t09-Devils Dream.flac:ddfc1717635a8a3f1260ff883dba8f6a<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t10-Bottomland.flac:dba2181e63ce381da46ad8092144a798<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t11-Work It Out.flac:ba6580a7414c0f24523aaaf38e1857fc<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t12-Long Journey Home.flac:d21c31eca2226b8111290a6af01c261f<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t13-callback.flac:5fe4a3ede107134dad39967a5b834911<br />
gibson2013-02-09d2t14-She Paints A Picture.flac:a6ea41c56d85e1a4ef8f8ce7b4b0a7c6<br />
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redmule82600 2013-02-11 16:46:00
Thank You ! Casey & Bill. Red from the Daks,just over the pond
jbrid 2013-02-11 17:35:04

Track 12 is Shenandoah Breakdown
jcombra 2013-02-11 22:25:34
Wow, i never knew they were taper friendly ! The nicest bunch of guys around as well as excellant musicians. Thanks for this one !!

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