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ShowKung Fu 2013-02-09 The Camel, Richmond VA *ak50>aerco + sbd matrix*
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Torrentkungfu2013-02-09flac.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashb967903a884d367e292d6ac861c8ae2692c28613
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DescriptionKung Fu
The Camel
Richmond, VA

Source: Neumann ak50>lc3ka>km100>aerco MP-2 + Sbd>(ocm)R-44(24/48)
Location: fob,dfc @ 7 ft
Transfer: sdhc>audacity>cdwave>tlh
Recorded by Drew Olsen

One Set:

01 Do The Right Thing
02 Steppin' In It
03 Ventriloquist
04 Gung Ho
05 God Made Me Funky
06 Scrabb
07 Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
08 Snaggle
09 Chakrabarty Overdrive
10 S'all Good
11 Green Earings >
12 Paragon
13 Stratus
14 Bringin' Up The Rear
Checksumskungfu2013-02-09mtxt01.flac:760de9fec4da042e5e1b3ab45b0029f0<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt02.flac:b71656719f10854b624178b6eae2518e<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt03.flac:df541981c4dbf4d27414f2c6fa80ea51<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt04.flac:450600eb9344097a3a741cb3243ccf46<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt05.flac:11189d1bd9b3a1da4319d1fc71311a96<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt06.flac:7b0cffb2f1ae4b3a926f8f69f9567625<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt07.flac:d4f71536f0dabbd9fb32b43c2152f019<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt08.flac:a1bc7ad1ac673beb9ebf1fa688226d89<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt09.flac:83c9a82979e873f643f8a777220fadbd<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt10.flac:67549003ded7bceb7b2c0d66db1305b7<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt11.flac:d4c6b44b560349b4698de984038a1142<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt12.flac:276def56d8f6d51186bbf2bf1456ab67<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt13.flac:9213a009f9f115389bb4b2804510f2e7<br />
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt14.flac:7f0eb97b62bfffda7faf5c48c494152c<br />
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kungfu2013-02-09ffp.ffp868 BN/A
kungfu2013-02-09info.txt496 BN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt01.flac47.43 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt02.flac63.16 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt03.flac56.24 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt04.flac60.40 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt05.flac64.07 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt06.flac35.29 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt07.flac54.74 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt08.flac37.14 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt09.flac33.51 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt10.flac39.93 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt11.flac35.33 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt12.flac41.92 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt13.flac72.85 MBN/A
kungfu2013-02-09mtxt14.flac54.99 MBN/A
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drewski1986 2013-02-11 16:52:53
My first time seeing these guys. They brought a lot of energy to The Camel and played until almost 2 a.m. Go see Kung Fu Setlist help appreciated for Track 12.
kindkid419 2013-02-12 18:08:26
dank you for da Fu mtx!
ultfris101 2013-02-24 18:54:46
Glad somebody made it out to tape. I had to be out of town. Thanks!

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