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Showmoe. 2004-04-24 Starkville MS akg483>m248 **16 Bit**
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Torrentmoe2004-04-24akg483.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash2644fb78396566592733ef2c51b9a2971a6108cb
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Starkville, MS.
Old Man Music Festival
akg483>m248>sbm1 wmod>da-p1 16/44.1
fob dfc din @10ft. 70ft. from stage
dat(m)>cds>dae>tlh flac 8
t&s by c. cage

01 McBain
02 Spine Of A Dog >
03 St. Augustine
04 Capt. America >
05 Recreational Chemistry
06 Brittle End
07 Not Coming Down >
08 Wormwood>
09 Rebubula
10 crowd / announcments
11 The Weight

Festival was hosted by Miss. State Student Union
Richard Johnson & Nickel Creek opened
Checksumsmoe2004-04-24s1t01.flac:733e444b073bd0dbc1809df6e6729d9b<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t02.flac:cddf2d02b6c5a920545b06fa61edffea<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t03.flac:bfbc6e45e0e95a8b0a478d1a65450a95<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t04.flac:1c586939c01780e3dcc505e8b7fa23dc<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t05.flac:686511c33c8c89ffa70750787110d3f4<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t06.flac:17a9425dc372efe0ee11dd61f292fe95<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t07.flac:6ad94f0b68da5613aee3192d1911bd2a<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t08.flac:5b5f09597362e3838487ca8bff3c58e2<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t09.flac:487390f2c894be4ed37790c598e34d0f<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t10.flac:d1d3f2a8aba5f8a8462dd3f38da7a7dc<br />
moe2004-04-24s1t11.flac:e71591cb2219da5d7b2b305741abba62<br />
<br />
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moe2004-04-24s1t05.flac156.53 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t09.flac99.60 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t01.flac68.40 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t03.flac57.28 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t02.flac50.37 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t04.flac47.51 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t06.flac39.49 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t11.flac33.15 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t07.flac26.93 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t08.flac24.69 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24s1t10.flac13.32 MBN/A
moe2004-04-24akg483.ffp638 BN/A
moe.txt475 BN/A
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scootertrash 2013-02-11 19:25:41
They played a street fest in downtown Starkville hosted by Miss. State. We ate boiled crawdads and hung out with super hot MSU girls all day long.
A little chatty but still ok.
bigdaddybflo 2013-02-11 19:51:50
Rippin show from start to finish !! Thanks C.C an S.T

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