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ArtistJerry Joseph
ShowJerry Joseph Feb. 9, 2013 - West's Backyard concert - Pinellas Park, FL; ccm 41's
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DescriptionJerry Joseph
(solo acoustic)
Feb. 9, 2013
West's Fabulous Backyard
Pinellas Park, FL

schoeps ccm 41's > apogee mini-me > dell inspiron laptop w/ windows XP / Wavelab 4.0 @ 24-bit/48kHz
mics (positioned ortf), set up dfc, 5' from stage / 3' high ; a pair of JBL speakers were set on edge of stage - each @ 2' high, and set about 20' apart
-recorded by Kevin Preuss-

soundforge (edits, fades, bit-conv. & resampling) > cd wave > flac (TLH)
*no remastering, eq or normalization*

set I
01. intro by Jon...tuning
02. ? >
03. Radio Cab
04. War at the End of the World
05. Ten Killer Fairies
06. Cochise
07. Bouncing Very Well
08. Panama >
09. Power Out

set II
01. Light Is Like Water >
02. Evasive >
03. Brother Michael / Where Do the Children Play -medely-
04. Muscle
05. Staple Gun
06. White Peaches
07. Revolution / Space Oddity / Chainsaw City -medely-
08. banter
09. the Road Home
10. Get Down >
11. Heavy Makes You Happy >
12. Road to Damascus >
13. We'll Be Fine / Love Train -medely-
second encore
14. What I Lived for


This was a house concert.

Big Thanks to the West's for their generous hospitality (and the signed posters, coozies, and sticker!),
and to Chris for the patch, and to Jerry for tolerating my recording.
Checksumsjj2013-02-09setI01.flac:e0c29279b4379cc3c002199bf532ba56<br />
jj2013-02-09setI02.flac:8753e8e6afcf3201a80bcc4e6bab55b6<br />
jj2013-02-09setI03.flac:56393a704e3bd2d072954df9441a006a<br />
jj2013-02-09setI04.flac:a205c828dc9b174e157d92607de2baea<br />
jj2013-02-09setI05.flac:cc314b6a8e75b236c920b0ca113eabdd<br />
jj2013-02-09setI06.flac:629ae142ac5bae2ba548b773e42f1070<br />
jj2013-02-09setI07.flac:f1c850b7eb844dcfea46e75017bc61ef<br />
jj2013-02-09setI08.flac:4a0366ebe4b66791319ac15c5b27c294<br />
jj2013-02-09setI09.flac:c1df590373fd6678f21326d216efbbef<br />
jj2013-02-09setII01.flac:e75cba96fd81645c9e65827ef7cd54ce<br />
jj2013-02-09setII02.flac:f1c462cd6d6bf528f2d31cd9385c0eb8<br />
jj2013-02-09setII03.flac:84e3e962797f7c6d168414637ddd40c4<br />
jj2013-02-09setII04.flac:1c2fb032dff6bae748c0e050eab4f35f<br />
jj2013-02-09setII05.flac:14d1dfcab5280660971e754c8e3600a0<br />
jj2013-02-09setII06.flac:9428e238d7daf6afa0656fe084a0c43c<br />
jj2013-02-09setII07.flac:b0086658ba658c61db478077e07618cb<br />
jj2013-02-09setII08.flac:8b37ce7c952782cede997fb54794ef82<br />
jj2013-02-09setII09.flac:1bfc1426feba890a918f4ee65db56249<br />
jj2013-02-09setII10.flac:fd67ece99549a2f792fbd13719cf15b4<br />
jj2013-02-09setII11.flac:b5e1ebb8805b01472896ce410c7c8936<br />
jj2013-02-09setII12.flac:c1a38d98c37e5701ecbe5b9b9a2995b3<br />
jj2013-02-09setII13.flac:7aafaa5cd6ec4937bb36ce59b21b243d<br />
jj2013-02-09setII14.flac:8a0adb7ef00ab41c52adeaef6d52489f<br />
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Freeborn_Man 2013-02-11 22:35:15
very nice warm, full, rich your face recording!!!
Freeborn_Man 2013-02-11 22:36:40
The schoeps were set up right in front of the stage, about 4' away, 3' high, ortf, with the speakers set on the edge of the stage, only 2' off the ground. So mics were in the ideal location in the thick of the sound field and there was very little crowd captured, but it has great imagery for a mono mix.
with that said, the sbd feed was very clean.
your choice, or both even.

It was great to meet the West's. Such hospitality! They made us feel real welcomed. Wonderful evening...Great setting for backyard house concerts. After the opening act, I noticed a few familiar faces as we settled in. Jerry was excellent, in great form. Sound was great, crowd was great, weather was great!

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