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Showmoe. 1997-11-14 Variety Playhouse ATL akg483>m248 **16 Bit**
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Torrentmoe1997-11-14akg483.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash483cc0eccdc75ad90d5b4e562621173cd0b04461
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta GA
akg483>m248>sbm1>da-p1 16/44.1
fob dfc din @ 10ft. 35ft. from stage
dat(m)>hhb830 cds>dae>tlh flac 8
t&s by c. cage

Set 1
01 Akimbo
02 Moth
03 Don't Fuck With Flo
04 Jazz Wank
05 Spaz Medicine >
06 Rebubula

Set 2
01 Plane Crash
02 Spine Of A Dog
03 Waiting For The Punchline >
04 Yodelittle
05 Sensory Deprivation Bank
06 Bring You Down >
07 Interstellar Overdrive >
08 Bring You Down
09 32 Things
10 Godzilla
Checksumsmoe1997-11-14s1t01.flac:68bafcdcf5801359313edd203b16ee9c<br />
moe1997-11-14s1t02.flac:0b81ad70b38c1ed4d75a6526eaaa56c2<br />
moe1997-11-14s1t03.flac:58efcad2fe32876aa838af61b5d8f8ce<br />
moe1997-11-14s1t04.flac:899994080b16655c0006494831c16f0a<br />
moe1997-11-14s1t05.flac:e137b1b75a4d126595c2cd978973169c<br />
moe1997-11-14s1t06.flac:5202922fd088885e7dab2a2871e9ca65<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t01.flac:a794de96c9512f4e3e32139c0f6066ce<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t02.flac:b640fca1a5644e849005b2b827701ed1<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t03.flac:79e51ec34cf883129b619aa5938c0462<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t04.flac:38864817ef9f5140169395d2f75d982f<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t05.flac:eb186e52805e61db32e7218edb216ab9<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t06.flac:f7019aa689f9c95363963ba06aff2ce7<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t07.flac:861c4ca8bfa186ef67dbe035d45bfe04<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t08.flac:8ad5e361867af5bbb728b6e36cc633e1<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t09.flac:e75ef5c478b930a9125c984f74162434<br />
moe1997-11-14s2t10.flac:5e485b1d25a5325c05df6dc620c73363<br />
<br />
Last seederLast activity 324 days, 05:29:51 ago
Size1.052 GB (1129237414 Bytes)
Added2013-02-11 23:01:26
Snatched55 times
Upped byscootertrash
Num files18 files
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moe1997-11-14s1t06.flac129.42 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t01.flac114.67 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t04.flac112.79 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s1t02.flac92.89 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t09.flac85.06 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t05.flac81.04 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s1t03.flac73.36 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t03.flac69.36 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t07.flac50.22 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s1t04.flac46.06 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t06.flac42.56 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s1t01.flac39.98 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t08.flac38.36 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s1t05.flac37.45 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t10.flac33.37 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14s2t02.flac30.32 MBN/A
moe1997-11-14akg483.ffp928 BN/A
moe.txt488 BN/A
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scootertrash 2013-02-11 23:02:21
Ahh the good old days!
chocobot 2013-02-12 00:12:00
thank you
barren 2013-02-12 05:06:38
jdmatt68 2013-02-12 18:08:28
thanks chris!
adamdowns 2013-02-12 22:23:58
man, moe was the SHIT back then...still love em, but this shoe was the heat!
dfries 2013-02-14 22:16:03

My second Moe. show. The first was summer '97 at Further Festival.
wildeyes 2013-02-15 10:10:13
I am transferring my analog 2nd generation SBD cassette of the 1997-04-12 moe. show from Variety today. Been trying to find a digital copy for 16 years of this show, but have yet to find it. Didn't see the show on archive either, so I am putting up the analog transfer until something better surfaces. Post up if the show already has been upped from digital source and I won't bother with the analog transfer. Peace.

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