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ShowJ.Stickley B.Gilmore Feb 11, 2013
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TorrentSGP2013-02-11flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash8eb5febe84a987ed90af8d2a00e34067ca9503c2
Description1. Intro
2. Black Berry Blossom
3. Gypsy Jazz Tunes?
4. Sitting On Top of the World
5. ?
6. With a vamp in the Middle > Squirrel Hunters(hartford melody)
7. One More Day (Wood Brothers tune)
8. ?
9. Intro set 2
10.Crazy Creek
12. Octapickin' (?)
13.Doc Watson tune?
13.Della's Walk
14.Nine Curves >
15.Tico Tico No Fuba-
16.If You Can Hear Me
17.The Twisted Rift
18.Lonesome Fiddle Blues
20.? grisman tune

Source: sms 2000> mg20(card)>M148>
P2(oade mod acm 24/48)
trans: cr>wavelab(track,normalize
(lowered some vocals that ran hot and crowd)
>TLH(fix sbes,flac,checksum)

Venue: Lagoon Bar & Grill
Lake Worth, FL
Feb 11, 2013

mics dina 10' from band, 4' high

Listening Room Show put on by
Acoustic Trail, Inc

Jon Stickley - Guitar Vocals
Lyndsay Pruett- Fiddle Vocals
Billy Gilmore - mando, bango, fiddle,
guitar Vocals
Checksums33caa3faa98d9de0d9febb396a274404 *SGP2013-02-11t01.flac
3c7f7334d72d7bfb5d8b0659d6e82a72 *SGP2013-02-11t02.flac
f0c744ed0e3da517a21bee5e29c0d76a *SGP2013-02-11t03.flac
2d0ef7d98c118ef762d30044ed50d1ce *SGP2013-02-11t04.flac
de36845f4945add80916edbabe0c9d5a *SGP2013-02-11t05.flac
9ddbdaf256319f128c63ee520df3629d *SGP2013-02-11t06.flac
17d60f760f20e6b34aee7b8ec9a99aca *SGP2013-02-11t07.flac
15826755fe33e31357b3362e776e1dc6 *SGP2013-02-11t08.flac
49993fe819e83d52bf7f287a22f6f06f *SGP2013-02-11t09.flac
f0db4f5bd1a18b91e1621fab16aaebad *SGP2013-02-11t10.flac
be4af421885c888d8949cbcee437dfd9 *SGP2013-02-11t11.flac
9e0e557e3fffecf3dd78f903959bc78a *SGP2013-02-11t12.flac
751773ab278f549c30c27b05d2f0618d *SGP2013-02-11t13.flac
4adb4f2a3b075c9611afc838d8e08adb *SGP2013-02-11t14.flac
786bbffbcd6a015852d17a628934d738 *SGP2013-02-11t15.flac
3d318e1dbc660b0357a8de769fe817ba *SGP2013-02-11t16.flac
fe1776bff1ea48a4545cf1c98954d1fc *SGP2013-02-11t17.flac
cece60e4b6f5eb6d1b27d2ce0f98894a *SGP2013-02-11t18.flac
08a5cfbd96b7297fb989b399f4016db3 *SGP2013-02-11t19.flac
4420a61d59553ffdbf900870daf0b0c9 *SGP2013-02-11t20.flac

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Freeborn_Man 2013-02-12 17:22:16
nice! thanks. did not know billy was in the band. i see he's been added to springfest line-up.
jamgrass 2013-02-12 17:33:05
Just for this Florid gig
They were down in F; and he joined in, note just Jon and Lyndsay Pruett from the "trio"
phildarkside 2013-02-13 01:19:51
Thank You! I was the guy there asking if you were going to upload this. Thanks for the fast turn around, much appreciated. I will share this with many people.
jamgrass 2013-02-13 08:00:54
any one that can fill the wholes in setlist
also this is up on lma if anyone wants stream first
jamgrass 2013-02-13 08:01:27
or the "holes"
phildarkside 2013-02-13 13:12:32
11- Octapickin
12 - Black Mountain Rag
17 - Twisted Riff-- (no "The")
19 - SAJE-- (on Stickley's CD)
20 - Eat My Dust

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