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ArtistAnders Osborne
ShowAnders Osborne - 2013-02-09 - Gondola Square Stage - Steamboat Springs, CO - Microtech Gefell M210 - flac16
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Torrentandersosborne2013-02-09.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashcde51b401e86cd84d5a4cb2b0e28883044577408
DescriptionAnders Osborne
Bud Light Rocks The Boat: Ski Mardi Gras
Gondola Square Stage
Steamboat Springs, CO

Source: Microtech Gefell M210(DIN)>Lunatec ACM V3>Edirol R-44(24/48)
Location: FOB, 60' from stage, 7.5' high
Info: SDHC>PC>Wave Lab 6.0(levels, fades, conversion)>CD Wave 1.958 (tracks)>TLH (level 8)
Recorded by: Rob O'Brien

~16 bit version~

01. Intro
02. Ya Ya
03. Send Me A Friend>
04. Pleasin' You>
05. I Walk On Guilded Splinters>
06. Pleasin' You
07. Junco Partner>
08. Go To Mardi Gras>
09. When The Saints Go Marching In
10. Darkness At The Bottom
11. Summertime In New Orleans
12. Love Has Taken Its Toll>
13. Knocking On Heaven's Door>
14. Love Has Taken Its Toll
15. Fire On The Mountain*

16. On The Road To Charlie Parker

- *: w/Eric ??? on guitar
- Flacs tagged w/Mp3tag
Checksumsandersosborne2013-02-09t01.16bit.flac:198e68e36876ea10f4db7242d16e0fbd<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t02.16bit.flac:2eca4f83296b44ff4c4565ce0926b361<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t03.16bit.flac:80004b94ea84a3952db1799a943f1d08<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t04.16bit.flac:81cb4601c0ec3ead9246e8255d65a9bb<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t05.16bit.flac:c6b6eeea22ac0911e19763d659ce638a<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t06.16bit.flac:2d800e74d10d2ec329d52a0df0106fc6<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t07.16bit.flac:a52d41f09316ccb7ee1b151954aa1e9e<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t08.16bit.flac:b2599539837ad2428ebcb5df4c71f50b<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t09.16bit.flac:316ed5982ddc4481cb60bc1d68c5192f<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t10.16bit.flac:bf25856bf6f484982e6405e6ba1100b0<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t11.16bit.flac:5b7cc0a48d9c939d885ab48c094d09cc<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t12.16bit.flac:e8e36f53cd5eac2d66984bc777fde899<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t13.16bit.flac:1c7a1180bf7eb17cd46ea54f93d3a9a4<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t14.16bit.flac:68913c87b94df95f165b814d3104b569<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t15.16bit.flac:f4898b0a86eb1ec9698355cf8f6becab<br />
andersosborne2013-02-09t16.16bit.flac:f2a58ca1be9a8254126b74a4272cbed3<br />
<br />
Checksum file saved to disk.<br />
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TypeAnders Osborne
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andersosborne2013-02-09t03.16bit.flac39.53 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09t11.16bit.flac30.73 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09t05.16bit.flac28.58 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09t13.16bit.flac24.52 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09t08.16bit.flac22.32 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09t09.16bit.flac19.22 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09t07.16bit.flac13.02 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09t14.16bit.flac12.96 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09t06.16bit.flac11.44 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09t01.16bit.flac3.34 MBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09ffp.txt1.2 kBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09.flac16.ffp1.1 kBN/A
andersosborne2013-02-09info.txt871 BN/A
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hobobabylon 2013-02-13 18:09:14
jeffandkris 2013-02-13 18:18:47
Thanks Rob sounds great! Was so looking forward to seeing him next week in Tahoe with Soulive and they just changed the lineup and added Papa Mali instead, bummer. Looking forward to Telluride this year, hoping for an artist announcement here soon. But first a return to Mtn Jam after a 2 year hiatus.
rockymtnryan 2013-02-13 22:23:32
Nice work buddy!
rockymtnryan 2013-02-13 22:25:20
we were not 60ft away btw. I'd say more like 40-50 tops. you were drunk.
Harryt 2013-02-15 11:35:29
Thanks so much for posting this show. It was a great time on the mountain. It was nice to finally meet you guys and thank you for sharing all the music. HT
dathead2 2013-02-23 12:39:36
using audacity 1.2 to a/b compare these two sources i think i favor
the andersosborne2013-02-09.flac16 (microtec gefel) version over the anders2013-02-09.k41.stearns.flac16 (busman k41) version - the gefel version seems to be a bit brighter - otherwise they are very similiar (both need a level boost)

need to compare on home stereo, this comparison was done on
computer speakers

also there was a link on anders site to a nice interview and photo (not
from show i'm pretty sure) about this concert:
Vallely 2014-01-05 23:15:33
Thank you!!

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