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ArtistLes Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade
ShowLes Claypool's Frog Brigade - 2000-08-29 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza *New Source*
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Info hashff2b97b8cf42fb1c7902b7b151d7276ad9f31bb3
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DescriptionColonel Les Clapool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade
New York, NY
Irving Plaza

B&K 4011 > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD500 > Tascam DA-P1

Set I:
01) Thela Hun Ginjeet
02) Shattering Song
03) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
04) Riddles Are Abound Tonight
05) Harold of the Rocks

Set II:
06) Pigs on the Wing
07) Dogs
08) Pigs (Three Different Ones)
09) Sheep
10) Pigs on the Wing


11) Here's to the Man

i dont believe this source is widely circulated, if at all. This transfer is fresh off my 1st gen clone. The only show i saw on that initial FB tour and an excellent one at that. much better than my tape of the evening thats for sure
Checksumsfb2000-08-29t01.flac:f90d3757c06a82fa918d9c6b25fa6f92<br />
fb2000-08-29t02.flac:70e68393757f346d43b739ee5ababaff<br />
fb2000-08-29t03.flac:f3ad03e7b1fd9cc7a15bf9891137bda3<br />
fb2000-08-29t04.flac:decc5542a759caf96ed10a2638d4b2dd<br />
fb2000-08-29t05.flac:717439dfb7af02296dd9f061feba0244<br />
fb2000-08-29t06.flac:eda88369892156e62c344f48a6727bbd<br />
fb2000-08-29t07.flac:6b361d49fe414b39adb944699e8ee1af<br />
fb2000-08-29t08.flac:e03280b59f7bac153a9c32fd974924cd<br />
fb2000-08-29t09.flac:3d61b2959aee1aef7262e89d9170f62a<br />
fb2000-08-29t10.flac:3c6f92aa03ec8531ae802d3b37ee61dd<br />
fb2000-08-29t11.flac:de1078182f35e4b5214a0df1429a1dbd<br />
TypeLes Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade
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fb2000-08-29.txt432 BN/A
fb2000-08-29_bandk.ffp605 BN/A
fb2000-08-29t01.flac77.52 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t02.flac100.72 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t03.flac95.60 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t04.flac48.46 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t05.flac56.77 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t06.flac9.68 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t07.flac90.57 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t08.flac70.32 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t09.flac66.09 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t10.flac36.34 MBN/A
fb2000-08-29t11.flac78.09 MBN/A
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furthur123 2013-02-13 11:40:34
Thank you for this and all your magnificent uploads!! keep the Frog brigade coming.
spikes852004 2013-02-13 11:53:13
Good stuff, Here's to the Man. Thank You
jdmatt68 2013-02-13 19:52:48
thecat18 2014-02-20 20:20:12
Thanks for sharing.

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