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Info hash55d5736f15ec55ccf9da7876cab848f1a8f1ca34
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DescriptionThis is a tagged version of shnid: 34705

Oakland Auditorium Arena
Oakland, CA

Sick Bits Vol. 18a

Matrix: SBD/AUD mix


SBD: Set I (shnid=32134) SBD > MC(?) > Cx > DAT > DAT from Dr. Bruce Fried
> FLAC transferred by Bill Koucky, remastered/encoded by Chris Ladner
Set II (shnid-not in circulation) SBD > ? > FLAC via Bill Koucky via
Scott Clugston
AUD: (shnid=77463) recorded by Steve Aldeman FOB Sennheiser 441s > Sony D5
> Sony D5 (1st gen CM) > FLAC - transferred and encoded by Bill Koucky
and remastered/encoded by Chris LadnerTransfer/Editing/Mixing/Encoding:
All sources were FLAC files from Bill Koucky. I converted them to
WAV > Vegas 5 (matrix) > WAV > CD Wave > FLAC 16 (level 8)

Matrixed by Chris Chappell

--Set 1--
101-d1t01 - Bertha ->
102-d1t02 - Greatest Story Ever Told 103-d1t03 - Bird Song
104-d1t04 - Beat It On Down The Line
105-d1t05 - They Love Each Other
106-d1t06 - Me & My Uncle ->
107-d1t07 - Big River
108-d1t08 - Brown-Eyed Women ->
109-d1t09 - Let It Grow

--Set 2--
201-d2t01 - Scarlet Begonias ->
202-d2t02 - Fire On the Mountain 203-d2t03 - Playin' In the Band ->
204-d2t04 - Drums ->
205-d2t05 - Space ->
206-d2t06 - The Wheel ->
207-d2t07 - The Other One ->
208-d2t08 - Black Peter ->
209-d2t09 - Sugar Magnolia

210-d2t10 - U.S. Blues

Total Times:
Disc 1 [59:09]
Disc 2 [77:58]

General Notes:

Bill Koucky contacted me and wanted me to try and matrix this sick but
relatively unknown show because neither source really did it justice. I
said I'd give a whirl and sure enough the mix turned out to be a big
improvement. The Oakland Auditorium Arena later became the Henry J. Kaiser
Convention Center so this nice FOB sounds great when coupled with a so-so
SBD which needed much digi snit removal (thanks Chris Ladner) which I used
for set 1 - the second set I used was the Clugston source but there is
nothing in the db, so it is unclear if Scott remastered the problematic
Bruce Fried source or got it somewhere else. Bill K's 1st gen FOB from
Steve Aldeman that he duped 23 years ago serves as an excellent AUD source.

The first set is on fire with Garcia constantly trying to slow things
down in his song selection (Birdsong as the 3rd tune?!! and TLEO is quite
spirited) but he finally gives and cranks out a ripping Brown-Eyed so Weir
can stretch out on a monster Let It Grow. Second set opening with Scarlet >
Fire is big and groovy, and the Playin' that follows has Jerry referencing
the Woody Woodpecker theme (4:57). The whole show is played well, no big
surprises, just good ole Grateful Dead.

On the FOH side of things Healy seemed to be playing with a short delay
effect (15ms or so) for most of the first set on both Garcia's guitar
and all the vocals. It is very noticeable in spots, especially on Garcia's
solo in Bertha and the vocals in BIODTL. The result is a flange effect
which some might misconstrue as bad synching, but let it be known this is
how it sounded in both sources and is not the result of the matrix.

Thanks to Steve Aldeman for recording the AUD, and to Bill Koucky and
Chris Ladner for transfering, encoding and remastering both SBDs and the
AUD source. Thanks to Scott Clugston for the mystery SBD II source, and
to Dr. Bruce Fried for the SBD I source.
Special thanks to Bill Koucky for motivating me to matrix this wonderful
yet obscure show (even the LlaMA doesn't have anything for this date).

Artwork by Zman - thanks!



Editing Notes:

- Pitch
Set 1: Both sources were not very close in pitch. The SBD had to be
pitched down between 53 and 59 cents, while the AUD had to be pitched down only
49 cents.
Set 2: The SBD was relatively close in pitch so I left it as is and
pitched the AUd down about 50 cents.

- Synch
Because of the speed fluctuation within a given source, multiple edits
were performed to keep the sources synched. Since the AUD was my
master pitch and time ref, the SBD was synched to the AUD (too many
edits to list).

- Sonic Quality/Matrix ratio
No EQ was applied to either of the two sources. I applied very sparingly
Waves L2 (limiter) to the master 2 buss to keep things contained, the
levels rarely hitting zero, thus the limiting is quite scarce. All I was
trying to do here is to add some dimension to the SBD by using the
ambience of the AUD. The result is a lively but clear recording, hopefully
close to how it sounded at the show. If I had to guess the SBD/AUD ratio
would be somewhere between 2.5:1 and 2:1.

- Edits
The following are places where the SBD and AUD had splices, holes or
incomplete coverage in reference to the final matrix timeline.

d1t01 (0:00 - 0:14) - missing (tuning)
d1t01 (0:14 - 1:11) - multiple volume moves to smooth out levels
d1t01 (1:39) - feedback - minimized on both sources
d1t01 (3:57) - drum distortion - minimized on SBD source
d1t01 (6:15) - feedback - minimized on both sources
d1t03 (0:03 - 0:16) - 11 pops removed (electrical not digital)
d1t07 (5:57 - 6:01) - missing (tuning)
d2t04 (6:19 - 6:25) - missing (tape flip)
d2t10 (0:00 - 0:06) - missing

d1t04 (3:28 - 3:45) - missing (crowd)
d2t04 (5:28 - 6:18) - missing (tape flip)
d2t10 (1:40) - dropout - removed

Full coverage is seemingly achieved although there may be a few
seconds missing from Drums at 6:19 where the SBD had a splice
which I corrected and moved to its proper place. To maintain
fluidity in the listening experience I made a crossfade here from the SBD
to the AUD rather than a full fade out and fade in.

Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file.
It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac files.
If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped,
however audio data will remain unaffected.
If you must transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use ffp to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.
B. Proctor 4-15-11


length expanded size cdr WAVE problems filename
7:41.23 81374540 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d1t01.flac
4:06.63 43542620 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d1t02.flac
9:41.33 102566060 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d1t03.flac
3:42.71 39327836 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d1t04.flac
8:13.61 87108716 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d1t05.flac
3:10.59 33654812 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d1t06.flac
6:02.30 63927404 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d1t07.flac
5:04.58 53762060 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d1t08.flac
11:22.58 120441260 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d1t09.flac
10:43.36 113509916 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t01.flac
10:08.53 107375900 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t02.flac
10:48.69 114469532 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t03.flac
6:42.01 70915196 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t04.flac
4:09.51 44043596 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t05.flac
5:53.03 62276300 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t06.flac
7:10.11 75877916 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t07.flac
8:53.50 94138844 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t08.flac
8:24.01 88907996 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t09.flac
5:02.54 53399852 --- -- ---xx gd82-12-27d2t10.flac
137:03.35 1450620356 B (totals for 19 files, 0.6490 overall compression ratio)
Checksumsgd82-12-27d1t01.flac:dea876395ac58155f9a48e7a5705f1f3<br />
gd82-12-27d1t02.flac:1658da3494a049655e88bc065486fcc2<br />
gd82-12-27d1t03.flac:5d440666845df02e916afd37608d83bf<br />
gd82-12-27d1t04.flac:0dc12e5679b7cba177d052e91fb57fe8<br />
gd82-12-27d1t05.flac:55345a43c486e0a6ff6eab6ad7503026<br />
gd82-12-27d1t06.flac:3ba2f23607d529a5c43b63250b7b4115<br />
gd82-12-27d1t07.flac:a98c29799b80f2c78b5cd708b28bde12<br />
gd82-12-27d1t08.flac:6036801634cf36c9267c79d47f91c236<br />
gd82-12-27d1t09.flac:a9134f649e33eb3c9e5118d43d401795<br />
gd82-12-27d2t01.flac:706cbd0bca98a91cea931c8c76bbdf60<br />
gd82-12-27d2t02.flac:c12226818cce6d79901dc68d7c0e4740<br />
gd82-12-27d2t03.flac:d757806950c2a66b6b06c4e3f52389c7<br />
gd82-12-27d2t04.flac:05061178ee378adcd65347d1a365909f<br />
gd82-12-27d2t05.flac:a2b4708abeac101af8eb0d8ddd40e291<br />
gd82-12-27d2t06.flac:a89fc873251f918a05bbdee297077963<br />
gd82-12-27d2t07.flac:5ee5199d23a8db13ce5ad37d13fb1b01<br />
gd82-12-27d2t08.flac:a99fc65439fc8eed7623592625ed0ffa<br />
gd82-12-27d2t09.flac:911343abf20cf287a2ef045b704af96e<br />
gd82-12-27d2t10.flac:15d645bb7c05ca1008a4739e4fe6c7a6<br />
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balto7 2013-02-14 11:45:51
Thanks a lot! This whole run is great. I prefer these matrix recordings to the boards. They were on fire going into 83'.
opener17 2013-02-14 12:19:27
Pisces 2014-05-03 22:31:18

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