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ShowTwiddle 2013-01-26 Brattleboro, VT - Rocky Top Tavern [sbd + ca14's matrix flac16]
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TorrentTwiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14.matrix.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash2da2b7c514d482800512917b911d92af5f4710e8
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DescriptionTwiddle - 1/26/13
Brattelboro, VT - Rocky Top Tavern

AUD Source: Church Audio CA-14's cardiod-> CA-9100-> iriver
Location: 20 feet from stage centered about 8 feet high*
Transfer: WAV-> Audacity-> CD Wave Editor-> Foobar 2000-> Traders Little Helper-> FLAC by EEE

SBD Source: SBD-> Tascam DA-P1-> DAT
Transfer: DAT-> Sony r500-> Audiophile 2496-> Samplitude 5.5-> WAV by EEE

MATRIX using Audacity

Set 1
01. Soundcheck Jam-> Divided Sky Jam
02. Doinkinbonk
03. Subconscious Prelude
04. Brick of Barley
05. Zazu's Flight
06. Second Wind
07. Earth Mama
08. Did You Ever Look So Nice#
09. Hattibagen Mcrat

Set 2
01. /Where did you sleep last night$
02. Last Kiss@
03. Box
04. Beethoven and Greene^
05. Frankenfoote&
06. Bee Hop
07. Hatti's Jam/WIRIP
08. Encore Break
09. What I Got+

# Samples - debut
$ Trad/Ledbelly/Nirvana
@ Wayne Cochran/Pearl Jam
^ Linus & Lucy Vince Guaraldi from Ryan between Box/Beethoven
& Pink Panther themes from Ryan between Foote/Hop
+ Sublime

-FOH Engineer: Mike Ray
-Mics taped to a piece of wood overhanging crowd at pole about 8 feet high*
-Thanks to Dan for letting me get in on his mic placement/wood strategy

ChecksumsTwiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t01.flac:6100056ce6146483b15363db48d197fa<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t02.flac:02dffb3fb7d52c7b37efa33580379f9b<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t03.flac:8ea4eb5ef156052a7f28b7f958e3430c<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t04.flac:dc66dd8348069fc0d1d19b500aa30d91<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t05.flac:680e8e42c9f9babb04522c1e87ec4897<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t06.flac:7b57d4ae968d72290332057875322ace<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t07.flac:56c6797f7998e0365a7f7bd6f7889e3d<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t08.flac:1efe9aa1fc9ca45c9bfb0d6b86330e05<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t09.flac:c15197bfcd9490456e2f092ccbce238e<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t01.flac:c7f0998c432ef04738f46f617ec0a2f6<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t02.flac:f54943dd71274f7a2ab8f9a36d528ae8<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t03.flac:6d2b46dec40d82ad4fc422910882e9e7<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t04.flac:27182be2230d230857a89d9e9d201273<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t05.flac:9486c4a4851dc8cba8b64b40fc91cbb2<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t06.flac:ff34cf1320749072a64a2fcfa132ae79<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t07.flac:42a8c76b87a8cece16fcd73cef433aac<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t08.flac:f5fa9c68fce985bc04005637a97588b5<br />
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t09.flac:20e542a485f277aa69229e507a738ccb<br />
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Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t01.flac25.69 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t02.flac102.53 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t03.flac39.44 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t04.flac73.30 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t05.flac41.22 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t06.flac38.96 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t07.flac42.74 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t08.flac32.60 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set1t09.flac49.54 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t01.flac4.72 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t02.flac36.61 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t03.flac121.38 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t04.flac83.16 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t05.flac100.71 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t06.flac70.28 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t07.flac41.29 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t08.flac5.27 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.set2t09.flac42.67 MBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14 matrix.txt1.3 kBN/A
Twiddle2013-01-26.sbd-ca14.matrix.flac16.ffp1.5 kBN/A
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seremetcc 2013-02-13 20:43:02
Thanks! Send them over to Fair Haven sometime....

I can't tell about the aud surce but can a hi-res mtx be shared too?
eee 2013-02-13 20:55:15
Hey there. Sorry but no 24bit. Both sources were recorded at 16/44.1.

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