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ShowGalactic 2013-02-15 Liberty Hall - Lawrence, KS
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Liberty Hall
Lawrence, KS

Source: Church Audio CA-14 cardioids > CA-9000 > Edirol R-09 @24/48
Location: DIN / DFC / clamped to the front of the balcony
Transfer: SD card > pc > dithered to 16 bit w/ r8brain > CDWave > Audacity (fades) > Flac level 6
Taped and Transferred by: Jeremy Lykins (jeremylykins hotmail com)

01. intro
02. Boban
03. *Let's Do It Together
04. *Out in the Street
05. *Hey Na Na
06. Bongo Joe
07. *Kashmir
08. *I Don't Know What... Funky
09. #Corner To The Block

10. *Heart Of Steel
11. Sunday Araq
12. Crazyhorse Mongoose > Bass Breakdown > C.M.
13. Boe Money
14. *Total Destruction to Your Mind
15. *Goin' Down Slow > Stanton
16. band intros / crowd noise
17. *50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

* = w/ Corey Glover on vocals
# = w/ Lateef the Truth Speaker and Lyrics Born on vocals
Corey Henry on trombone for entire show

notes: Latryx and BoomBox opened. Suggested cd split is between tracks 9 and 10.
Checksums41bb314b011509ef4245eb88d093508a *galactic2013-02-15.flac16.ffp<br />
4fa5f4dfb8099eb4249d90f42c863b60 *galactic2013-02-15.txt<br />
249495147a87542ba2c8a415ea9a5790 *galactic2013-02-15pic01.JPG<br />
ad5fd8761f49a09aec0dec619841e955 *galactic2013-02-15pic02.JPG<br />
2ecf924d71ae75bd743a1252157c4437 *galactic2013-02-15pic03.JPG<br />
191738ee1afcbedf7c23d84c07f65409 *galactic2013-02-15pic04.JPG<br />
0ea2a8f343b1dc83bea8bcdf8c691591 *galactic2013-02-15pic05.JPG<br />
e67c107bb6302d4384638ee8fd804d3c *galactic2013-02-15pic06.JPG<br />
091460ab87afe1db8b59becbdbde2951 *galactic2013-02-15pic07.JPG<br />
5d09a37be4be2121e9ba2a1b6138ea3b *galactic2013-02-15pic08.JPG<br />
b61cbdad10b9b3ee5be7881211483c65 *galactic2013-02-15pic09.JPG<br />
d4f84c8cb8099f922615e960e03ce2b2 *galactic2013-02-15pic10.JPG<br />
e300355775c5569ef970253ac04d13c3 *galactic2013-02-15pic11.JPG<br />
ff9cc115301999018462ba59f0bb3217 *galactic2013-02-15pic12.JPG<br />
ae904fbc8686884c00d5a38f9a14c7b1 *galactic2013-02-15pic13.JPG<br />
ab721e9e5669a26a3fcd49627bdb479a *galactic2013-02-15pic14.JPG<br />
a07b01429bee51af4aecf98b78da8ec4 *galactic2013-02-15pic15.JPG<br />
8e53e6c6445bf16abf0779d2f8f559fa *galactic2013-02-15pic16.JPG<br />
d1c658778240b7e654b2e0031249e847 *galactic2013-02-15pic17.JPG<br />
a468acc065a3d0aa99183a5fecc9c1e9 *galactic2013-02-15pic18.JPG<br />
983906e590168e1428b7faf6a4553b57 *galactic2013-02-15t01.flac<br />
788342f86d9478433a2c31a595715b23 *galactic2013-02-15t02.flac<br />
c3561475cce08509a567e1ead4a143fb *galactic2013-02-15t03.flac<br />
a5220c62140716535e2842fbe1662813 *galactic2013-02-15t04.flac<br />
0ce9df40d3194122758609bdd8c7cd2d *galactic2013-02-15t05.flac<br />
ac88a6ed399467c6135e56824e684f18 *galactic2013-02-15t06.flac<br />
3f203d3c9484d97fe9a8a17bc7f56c6b *galactic2013-02-15t07.flac<br />
c66ecfa5a58076b6b36201b22f8aab0d *galactic2013-02-15t08.flac<br />
538673b74699917b215b31fb80d57c4b *galactic2013-02-15t09.flac<br />
8428ed9637843c46d442d49534fa68ef *galactic2013-02-15t10.flac<br />
8228ded76294b4e499c25afe2b81a7d5 *galactic2013-02-15t11.flac<br />
85db7f3d3cb0895707f16ab707863b20 *galactic2013-02-15t12.flac<br />
92276b70b8abbcb52b454f74e7878e4d *galactic2013-02-15t13.flac<br />
f4f422a4e2a3105e173a4ba2b3d760a6 *galactic2013-02-15t14.flac<br />
4b63a78a90ded32cc84e21afb4fc32bf *galactic2013-02-15t15.flac<br />
8b0231525ad780a49986d318d479ceff *galactic2013-02-15t16.flac<br />
3d1f26cdba6199c1fcaf665716334e3d *galactic2013-02-15t17.flac
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galactic2013-02-15t13.flac49.81 MBN/A
galactic2013-02-15t14.flac26.62 MBN/A
galactic2013-02-15t15.flac48.32 MBN/A
galactic2013-02-15t16.flac13.35 MBN/A
galactic2013-02-15t17.flac31.60 MBN/A
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funkin a 2013-02-16 21:39:36
Wow, thanks for uploading this so fast. This was a great show, very fun and funky. That encore was an awesome surprise.
funkin a 2013-02-17 11:26:29
Here's the setlist as far as I know
1. Intro
2. Boban
4. Out in the Street
5. Hey Na Na
6. ?
7. Kashmir
8. I Don't Know What... Funky
10. Heart Of Steel
11. Sunday Araq
12. Crazyhorse Mongoose> Bass Breakdown> C.M.
13. Boe Money
14 ?
15 ?>drums intros
17. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
The songs I have not labeled might be new because I have not heard them before, except for track 14, but I can't think of the name of that song. Hope this helps
wordgroove 2013-02-17 22:33:02
1. Intro
2. Boban
3. Let's Do It Together
4. Out in the Street
5. Hey Na Na
6. Bongo Joe
7. Kashmir
8. I Don't Know What... Funky
9. Corner To The Block flo w _ Lyrics Born and Truth Speaker
10. Heart Of Steel
11. Sunday Araq
12. Crazyhorse Mongoose> Bass Breakdown> C.M.
13. Boe Money
14 Total Destruction to Your Mind
15 Goin' Down Slow > Stanton intros
17. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

bongo joe is old skool galactic....
JeremyLykins 2013-02-17 22:58:49
Thank you to funkin a and wordgroove for their help with the setlist.
JeremyLykins 2013-02-25 12:19:24
I usually grab a setlist from the stage after a show, but I was recording from the balcony and by the time I got downstairs I forgot to get one. I contacted Galactic's soundman/road manager requesting the setlist and here's what I got:

Let's Do it Together
Out in the Street
Hey Na Na
Bongo Joe >
Boom Boom
Move Fast
Heart of Steel
Sunday Araq
Crazyhorse Mongoose
Boe Money
Total Destruction to your mind
Goin Down

50 Ways to Leave your lover

I'm still trying to get him to get the Latyrx setlist for me so I don't want to bother him too much, but the discrepancies on tracks 8 and 9 are curious. I can understand funkin a and wordgroove getting track 9's name wrong, but is "Boom Boom" the official name of track 8?
wordgroove 2013-02-28 14:00:56
Move Fast is right
it's a new one with Boe Money Rappin'

Boom Boom - is what Galactic been calling it on setlists

its a tune by the band Ripple

its full title is
"I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky"

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