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ShowGalactic 01/11/2013 Jam Cruise 11 - Teatro Carlo Felice, MSC Poesia (fob schoeps mk5 - 16 bit)
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DescriptionGalactic 01/11/2013 Jam Cruise 11 - Teatro Carlo Felice, MSC Poesia

Schoeps mk5 (cardioid, FOB/DFC @20', NOS) -> kc-5 -> cmc6xt -> Sonosax SX-M2 -> Sound Devices 744T -> WAV (@24/96);
WAV -> SoundForge Pro 10.0c (normalize, fades; 96->44.1 resample with iZotope 64-Bit SRC at higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter; 24->16 bit dither using iZotope MBIT+ Dither with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings) -> CDWav -> FLAC

Recorded, tracked and posted by Eric McRoberts

One Set Show:
01. intro
02. Boban
03. Total Destruction To Your Mind *
04. Bittersweet *
05. Out In The Street *
06. Doublewide
07. Go-Go
08. I Am The Walrus *
09. Heart Of Steel *
10. banter - inviting the Soul Rebels
11. Hey Na Na *^
12. Boe Money ^&
13. Balkan Wedding
14. Baker's Dozen %
15. Garbage Truck
16. Showdown *
17. How Many More Times *
18. Ooh Nah Nay *
19. What Is Success *
20. outro/announcements

Entire show w/ Mike Dillon on percussion

* w/ Corey Glover - vocals
^ w/ the Soul Rebels
% w/ Roosevelt Collier - lap steel guitar

& All power in the theater was lost in the intro therefore this song is unamplified

Note: There is a strange high pitch interferance heard in the left channel, mostly between songs. Seems all the wireless transmitters in the theatre may have messed with the Sonosax, because the 3/4 channel taking the V3 feed had no problems. This problem happened during the KDTU set and persists on the mk5 source through the Galactic set.

Jam Cruise 11 Day 5: 11:45 PM - 2:00 AM
Checksums2b129d1fb6fba77830cfcfe286252335 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t01.flac
ce4e76974695bf0c9bd60407de05761a *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t02.flac
9e78762ef07a0635804e49804f0c7e35 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t03.flac
5d2dd4207b58f439d01686bd73e7db0f *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t04.flac
2ee5987087abe49f0e4acd6163da4a65 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t05.flac
6adcdbad46d399d9503d125c364b9b64 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t06.flac
a4aad4fffb449c1d58163b75d66b441b *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t07.flac
88e89871bd77dcf0688faf4a2975140c *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t08.flac
5e93e3af64c837af2a6f35b9081a4929 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t09.flac
4fbc299b25a18b3b05e13c6700a60f41 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t10.flac
e031b8090ce4990a34556578aa9571dd *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t11.flac
1b843aad36fbc426aa0100802897515b *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t12.flac
dcb29a907ec6cb5bed98b040827f25cf *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t13.flac
c7cab56fb687df62033456935fb99054 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t14.flac
a95ff705f4fac160fad7eb7cbcf9ffb7 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t15.flac
350e760188fd2306fd8c02a7e9e75299 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t16.flac
19baf43823027e2ca0bbab6b632777cb *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t17.flac
2fb3be7fee15f94000de21cc27b4f86c *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t18.flac
5fc3d449f2d893649fc79db93fb5f6eb *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t19.flac
b4748ccb4e12c87d8f6b7cb32c813542 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t20.flac

cedad7b3ab826dff8cacff3b26b80813 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t01.wav
8812aedf7b8cf2d4f79752396ae713e5 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t02.wav
41194bfa1bd942e64db9563e8a56a503 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t03.wav
eab31aa5ebf9e21d935828fda8d5e42b *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t04.wav
1347876f1419bce98d1cc88db7c832a5 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t05.wav
959f242feb408d3977ae5a853e1749c8 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t06.wav
cfa48382387eae7eadc93df565fd0617 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t07.wav
8809e4627e94aa644f6598f81bd3ff3c *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t08.wav
f865df2090b9ed05d0d04c0e4cda474f *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t09.wav
a6dc140f8de969a356ad3f71a06e4678 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t10.wav
bb62eead48bf57d80ad0b21aeac8d1c9 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t11.wav
c495fe1831c1cb9b59683056b4cb6a1e *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t12.wav
63ae3d87c2fdab72d08f85d026748a90 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t13.wav
4e71229aaaa1952984b1501e19315055 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t14.wav
c9a10c9d2e3d13b36c159cb78d83b285 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t15.wav
aeed8e929c96c5c2e53fcf4b84f18fd4 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t16.wav
4cab7b910f52c914cf838e77767b9764 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t17.wav
90789a29d8b06ec052097ab993deae1f *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t18.wav
a6b1a68068ae4ae3990d81e21f048df5 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t19.wav
931c32b59d9aab97a17554863cd09619 *galactic2013-01-11.mk5-t20.wav
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microburst 2013-02-17 11:33:51
My other Jam Cruise 11 recordings posted to date are listed below (16 bit):

MMW 01/06/2013 JC (Pre-Cruise Show) Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (mk4):
MMW 01/06/2013 JC (Pre-Cruise Show) Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (mk5):

Day 1
Soul Rebels 01/07/2013 Pool Deck (mk4):
Kyle Hollingsworth Solo 01/07/2013 The Atrium (mk5):
Steve Kimock & Friends 01/07/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):
Steel Pulse 01/07/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood 01/07/2013 Pool Deck (mk4):
Lettuce 01/07/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):

Day 2
Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers 01/08/2013 Pool Deck (mk5):
Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers 01/08/2013 Pool Deck (mk21):
Greensky Bluegrass 01/08/2013 Pool Deck (mk5):
JJ Grey & Mofro 01/08/2013 Pool Deck (mk21):
Nigel Hall Solo 01/08/2013 The Atrium (mk5):
Femi Kuti & The Positive Force 01/08/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):
ALO 01/08/2013 Zebra Bar (mk5):
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood 01/08/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):
Medeski/Deitch/Skerik 01/08/2013 Zebra Bar (mk5):

Day 3
Dumpstaphunk 01/09/2013 Pool Deck (mk5):
Anthony Farrell & Andrew Trube Duet 01/09/2013 The Atrium (mk4):
Greensky Bluegrass 01/09/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 01/09/2013 Pool Deck (mk5):
moe. 01/09/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):
Lettuce 01/09/2013 Pool Deck (mk5):

Day 4
Pickin' Party (Hosted by Hot Buttered Rum and Greensky Bluegrass) 01/10/2013 Zebra Bar (mk5):
Femi Kuti & The Positive Force 01/10/2013 Pool Deck (mk4):
Eddie Roberts Superjam 01/10/2013 Pool Deck (mk4):
JJ Grey & Mofro 01/10/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):
Robert Walter/Eddie Roberts/Adam Deitch 01/10/2013 Zebra Bar (mk5):
Funky Meters 01/10/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):

Day 5
JJ Grey Solo 01/11/2013 The Atrium (mk5):
Everyone Orchestra 01/11/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):
Ivan Neville Solo 01/11/2013 The Atrium (mk5):
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 01/11/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 01/11/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):
Galactic 01/11/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk4):
Galactic 01/11/2013 Teatro Carlo Felice (mk5):
WALTMON 2013-02-20 16:07:27
NIce Eric! Hope you are well...I was supposed to work this trip, but had to cancel last minute,,,great to see this stuff up.

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