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ArtistJerry Joseph
ShowJerry Joseph 2013-02-12 Chez Liberty Knoxville, TN (Soundfield sps200)
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Torrentjj2013-02-12.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash65affa159be6e2fba00a2c32fe6cb536ee7baa72
DescriptionJerry Joseph
Chez Liberty
Knoxville, TN

Source: Soundfield SPS200 > Sound Devices 788t (24/48) + Line Out from Bose L1
Location: Stage lip

DSP: Sound Devices 788t > Wave Agent > Neundo 3 (sps200 szone vst, mixdown) > Wavelab 6 (fades, tracks, dither w/UV22, resample) > FLAC v1.2.1 (L8) as build in TLH v2.6.0.(Build 168)

Tagging: FLAC Files tagged with Foobar 2000 Live Show Tagger

Taped & Transferred by Daniel Kopp (

*A Team Dirty South Recording*

//Please support artist by purchasing their albums, merch, and seeing their live shows. Also, tell your friends about them.//

Set 1:

01. Ship
02. Radio Cab
03. War At the End of the World
04. Cochise
05. Bouncing Very Well
06. Muscle
07. Jerry Joseph Valentine's Day Set Banter
08. Cloud Eyes
09. Pure Life
10. Beautiful Child Of God (with proposal from Ross to Joyce)

Set 2:

01. Missed The Boat
02. The Jacob Ladder
03. Both of You
04. Panama
05. Power Down >
06. Climb To Safety
07. Hot, Blue & Righteous (ZZ Top)
08. The Beautiful Dirt
09. Ross (proprietor) comments and chef's comments
Checksums; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader\'s Little Helper<br />
; generated on February 17, 2013, at 16:02:41<br />
<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t01.flac:139c02c2c4df233b9233907543561c41<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t02.flac:c6e479e03006b83851e2d32315c9a38a<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t03.flac:b0ca65243b9e71a461070ae6b5fc4459<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t04.flac:a2e7e0c48ccf61ddb4e4c1d9474d3be8<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t05.flac:499296e8af49ef817f0ce6fe6c37ca7e<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t06.flac:03e5c49c994e95e8880562ddf9548e5b<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t07.flac:6266b3a4f17f671c8faf60d648615e40<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t08.flac:104e4b8b41d816cf146e0a574a160048<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t09.flac:219181031f41d5c9f0309f37ec221340<br />
jj2013-02-12s1t10.flac:eb4e470b6e090cb3ffcb2d3b2f3a2024<br />
jj2013-02-12s2t01.flac:f04a6f340c8e937c2f645c3567c2dcb3<br />
jj2013-02-12s2t02.flac:3a9d81a888c6abb43125b285748f4f3a<br />
jj2013-02-12s2t03.flac:ffe934633981240da995c5a2281ac810<br />
jj2013-02-12s2t04.flac:6ddce9facc19aa1474e2e8681f62397a<br />
jj2013-02-12s2t05.flac:40e2b849587d1a750c74d5a9debd58db<br />
jj2013-02-12s2t06.flac:af363b4497ead3c9c2fbc674974bd3bb<br />
jj2013-02-12s2t07.flac:7a5c4d0749829cecc1492f06a11033d5<br />
jj2013-02-12s2t08.flac:01ccd712dd15690912c7e2acb6f20322<br />
jj2013-02-12s2t09.flac:ef4cba9d4fa436dc1750b6575c4c86c0<br />
TypeJerry Joseph
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taperhead 2013-02-17 16:31:35
with my apologies for hoarding this recording i finally got this tracked out and up for everyone to enjoy. every time i sat down to track this enchanting show i found myself enjoying it so much i would just sit and listen to the whole thing over again and again. jerry puts on a stellar acoustic valentines show. enjoy!
zmanatl 2013-02-17 17:16:37
Nice work Dany!
barren 2013-02-17 18:24:42
You hoar der!
jdmatt68 2013-02-17 19:48:25
mmwarchives 2013-02-18 16:08:55
Thanks so much!! Do you mind if I throw this up on archive for you??
taperhead 2013-02-18 21:35:37
plz do and put link here if you don't mind. thanks!
mmwarchives 2013-02-19 00:16:38
FYI...the 'gospel song' is "Hot, Blue & Righteous" by ZZ Top.
taperhead 2013-02-19 10:38:27
ah perfect - thank you!
mmwarchives 2013-02-19 17:37:53
Okay, it is up on archive now:

I also remastered this puppy last night, mainly just raising the levels, slightly balancing the channels, re-tracking it to add one
tune that you missed("Spin Cycle" to close the show) & adding much more detailed information. I gave you full credit for your
wonderful matrix & fine work, of course. That version is here if anyone is interested in it:


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