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ArtistWidespread Panic
Showwidespread panic 1996-10-21 tennessee theatre, knoxville, tn *fob akg461* 16/48
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Torrentwsp1996-10-21 akg461.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash8d77e3d5e667364650d0feca0276e861043f6020
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Descriptionwidespread panic
tennessee theatre
knoxville, tn

Set 1
01. Weight of the World
02. Glory
03. Better Off
04. Space Wrangler >
05. Tall Boy
06. Burned Faceless >
07. Happy >
08. C. Brown
09. Sleeping Man
10. Fishwater

Set 2
01. Makes Sense To Me
02. Airplane >
03. Driving Song >
04. Breathing Slow >
05. Aunt Avis >
06. Walkin' (For Your Love)
07. Drums >
08. Pilgrims >
09. Chilly Water*
10. Ain't No Use* >
11. Chunk of Coal**

* with Mike Wooten on drums
** with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Mark Vann on banjo, Mike Wooten on drums

source: akg460b/ck61>b18>d7 fob by JK
transfer: DATmaster/sony pcm-r500>marantz pmd661>cdwave>tlh(flac) 16b/48khz by john m 2013-02-04
Checksumswsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t01.flac:3d820d1500469556cd5281d9278574f5<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t02.flac:df039d9ae77ece6fde03e33ab59372af<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t03.flac:09f6857b63053615e0a1571124913782<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t04.flac:71120886844ee11f35fde6ccb1f03df8<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t05.flac:34869270368f6a974670988d519436e4<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t06.flac:a9c1421a29a15b7643e84c15190d8450<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t07.flac:9f567a9b6dc08af00bba94d4db862c7e<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t08.flac:20ff5bc1a75c3f51c87c00e5fa2a9f62<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t09.flac:aeba88fd7f429eca5ec57dff73769642<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t10.flac:ca6b78ce72da4f22a2db88ad7fd40ff9<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t01.flac:5ce133ba9ec1504eb3f114013daf4496<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t02.flac:c00648dd3bc391c8a8d4aec0e272ce14<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t03.flac:f2e6533acd32295971a69a811d631082<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t04.flac:96bf6ecb3ec2ab963efd11660006bd8e<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t05.flac:7b5f63cb46ba9276d2bcf335e777876f<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t06.flac:b6ed423de0a29023713c041f9a263403<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t07.flac:242f6ba874705e25ba786ca6754374a8<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t08.flac:58f46fb8515e8dc3c64dc7086ce068d4<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t09.flac:74d23c1935e06a9210c91bb5c53ad6ee<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t10.flac:0d0dcb530a327d037aba5fbfc9510fab<br />
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t11.flac:b8261c4df4b31c5654a568dae2e61fcd<br />
TypeWidespread Panic
Last seederLast activity 422 days, 04:21:55 ago
Size835.77 MB (876366171 Bytes)
Added2013-02-17 19:21:44
Snatched204 times
Upped byjdmatt68
Num files23 files
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wsp1996-10-21 akg461.ffp1.3 kBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461.txt719 BN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t01.flac34.36 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t02.flac20.30 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t03.flac33.08 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t04.flac46.12 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t05.flac28.38 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t06.flac18.86 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t07.flac22.02 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t08.flac38.74 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t09.flac36.96 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s1t10.flac60.49 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t01.flac29.14 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t02.flac74.65 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t03.flac49.21 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t04.flac18.03 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t05.flac33.06 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t06.flac47.25 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t07.flac43.44 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t08.flac39.67 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t09.flac62.88 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t10.flac62.21 MBN/A
wsp1996-10-21 akg461s2t11.flac36.91 MBN/A
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montanamon 2013-02-17 19:35:54
Awesome!!! this looks great - do you have the LoS set?
jdmatt68 2013-02-17 19:53:11
i taped nak100 fob but this source doesn't exist.
jmitchell 2013-02-17 19:54:47
scootertrash 2013-02-17 20:36:25
Thanks John
Thanks for the Big Cypress Phish as well

obaaron 2013-02-18 01:45:55
Thanks for the new wsp! And everything else you have seeded!
Tomahawk Kid 2013-02-18 04:45:05
Thank you very much!
ColoradoCorey 2013-02-18 04:49:17
just grabbed this and it sounds great! killer set list too! drew and mark sittin on chunk of coal. might be the best ever chunk of coal
greens_n_beans 2013-02-18 12:54:27
You have the second night from this source too? I hope so!
jdmatt68 2013-02-18 18:29:44
yes, 10/22 is coming next...
gomero blanco 2013-02-18 19:43:30
yes !! thanks for this. off topic but can somebody direct me toward the best sounding NOLA halloween 99 sources ?? actually i cant find any of them with seeders.
obaaron 2013-02-18 19:49:57
I assume you tried

gomero blanco 2013-02-18 20:39:57
does digital panic still exist? the one time i used it years ago there was never seeders (for older stuff) and when i just now tried to find it the page will not pull up.
tlgasser 2013-02-18 21:21:27
The original site is gone but they started up a new one.
Same address,
You will have to re-register.
I rarely go there and the forums aren't active at all. I believe most shows are being seeded, though.
nickautry 2013-02-23 04:31:51
Faceless! I think digipanic is down, we may have to re-seed Mixon's sources (IMO the best, and mine are straight on Cds from his DATs, except for 1 show, Hubie. . . .)
nickautry 2013-02-23 04:33:03
That was re: 99.
nickautry 2013-02-23 04:38:19
f, contact me if you want, nickautry at yahoo dot com ish. . .
jacallery 2013-03-10 10:26:43
I might have mixon's DATS from nola 99. I have to search through them

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