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ArtistUmphrey's McGee
ShowUmphrey's McGee 2013-02-16 Orpheum Theater Madison, WI (MK6)
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TorrentUM2013-02-16_MK6_16BIT.torrent (click to download)
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Info hasha5f78883bb704cc7d3bd85a1d8a159d4b0ec3174
DescriptionUmphreys McGee
Orpheum Theater
Madison, Wisconsin
February 16, 2013

Schoeps MK6(cards-DIN) > KC5 > CMC6xt > Naiant LB > Sound Devices 744t @24bit 48hz
CF > Samplitude 11 > Sound Forge 10 > CD Wave > TLH
DFC BOB 8ft in the air ~ 75ft from stage
Tagged in Foobar 2000
Taper: soling (

Set 01 73:01

01 Nipple Trix > 2nd Self
02 Puppet String
03 Preamble > Mantis
04 The Triple Wide
05 Hajimemashite
06 All Night Long[1]
07 Headphones & Snowcones[2]
08 Resolution > Puppet String

Set 02 92:14

09 JaJunk
10 Slacker
11 The Linear[3] >
12 JaJunk
13 Conduit[4] >
14 Mantis
15 40's Theme
16 Hollywood Nights
17 call back
18 Divisions > How Many More Times > Divisions

[1] with Mike Dillon on percussion along with Jake
[2] with Mike Dillon on marimba and Carly Meyers on trombone
[3] with Lose Yourself (Eminem) jam
[4] with Regulate (Warren G) intro

In Support: Mike Dillon Band

Brendan Bayliss Guitar, vocals
Jake Cinninger Guitar, vocals
Joel Cummins Keyboard, piano, vocals
Andy Farag Percussion
Kris Myers Drums, vocals
Ryan Stasik Bass, no vocals

FOH - Chris Mitchel
Lights - Jeff Waful

Go see live music. This tape by fans for fans, never for sale. Support the artists by purchasing their official release and merchandise.
Checksums8ea03b034d9497fd5ee8f8e53ca6bfe7 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0101.flac
151bcaceebfa8e1df394f79885a9f426 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0102.flac
2c05fce0b650931d316fd7fd64154ee0 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0103.flac
fdfde1e485e2bc47817d1663264f5b00 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0104.flac
c10cf51f8ac4e9fd68240dc78df854e0 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0105.flac
df3ed9c81d3b6f547448f2aa8db1b329 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0106.flac
2e6127fce7862c0d0082e893bf73e69d *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0107.flac
87ebef464d84d7d5ef6931ae4593184b *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0108.flac
653e3683b8d704d6fbc8da836896994a *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0201.flac
64073a074a561a5dfa9f1817164839cd *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0202.flac
055de3f252347679e21cd0bbad48162c *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0203.flac
f88a8e7b61a88af8a691f93814ee034b *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0204.flac
561bae7f4da24dab9cef8b7f73d92410 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0205.flac
cea279ba8aa691f7f9eb0d197cd71b41 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0206.flac
732dece07e7dc10c41eb9f508957017f *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0207.flac
5878e1bf54720f31e22d5ed397bab135 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0208.flac
835baf04726abd2184e0f71181b1253b *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0209.flac
74f45fb07a0aa101fbefe3767d713cf7 *UM2013-02-16_MK6_SET0210.flac
TypeUmphrey's McGee
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