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ShowElephant Stone 2/15/2013 Le Divan Orange Montreal (AKG 463)
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Torrentelephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_16bit.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashdaf5351a09ecfa8e558c3cf71b094ba91a9f909f
DescriptionElephant Stone
Le Divan Orange
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Source : AKG c460b (ck63)> Naiant Littlebox w/ Output Transformers > Edirol R-44 (24-bit/48kHz)
Location: FOB,DINa,LOC,~25'stage,7'stand
Recorded by permission and transferred by jibooer/jahdawg

01. A Silent Moment
02. Looking Thru Baby Blue
03. Setting Sun
04. Savage Soul
05. Heavy Moon
06. Masters Of War
07. A Morning Song
08. Sally Go Round The Sun
09. Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin
10. The Sea Of Your Mind
11. Don't You Know
Checksumselephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t01.flac:dfcfe48abe32022e673c626e5288dde9<br />
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t02.flac:f6d869e5367fa5cb556998c205ade3df<br />
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t03.flac:937e04fe698f8bd3b973d1e8c6b44a12<br />
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t04.flac:0ee2daef98117e4bc4731e2c5790b3c4<br />
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t05.flac:6727642a237d4e63ec049463fd99dc18<br />
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t06.flac:a29dbe7ef7cd28f4a9fa5f6d8206fa20<br />
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t07.flac:a3a2fba4d178aeb6ab36bb5716b70841<br />
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t08.flac:561c42fe9f0a3a6240061cd8bf468088<br />
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t09.flac:61c7539771cbb88e58ada7f28ca00c1f<br />
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t10.flac:311eedac1c8697d6bc0e231e8085086d<br />
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elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t10.flac88.38 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t11.flac55.01 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t07.flac31.61 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t01.flac31.52 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t04.flac30.69 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t08.flac27.99 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t05.flac27.19 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t03.flac24.73 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t09.flac23.80 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t06.flac23.75 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463_t02.flac19.70 MBN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463.ffp.txt814 BN/A
elephantstone2013-02-15_akg463.txt620 BN/A
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jahdawg 2013-02-19 17:47:52
Here's a little show for last Friday night here in Montreal. If you are a fan of the psychedelic-pop, then you will enjoy this. The band is centered around the sitar, so there is a trippy East-Indian flavour to it. It is in the same vein as The Black Angels or Black Mountain.

The venue was a local resto-bar and was sold-out for this, their record release.

jah bless
colinw 2013-03-16 21:33:28
dorrcoq 2013-03-17 00:17:26
seth01 2013-03-17 05:10:27
Sounds great, thanks for this.

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