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ArtistLos Lobos
ShowLos Lobos - Uptown Theater, Napa, CA 2013-02-16 | 3 AKG mix [24bit / 96kHz]
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TorrentLL2013-02-16akg_24bit96kHz.flac.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asLL2013-02-16akg_24bit96kHz.flac
Info hashd6a3a5c0c6860fad341c441c58dd8a30427a208c
DescriptionLos Lobos
Uptown Theater
Napa, CA
February 16, 2013

01 Emily 04:04.10
02 That Train Don't Stop Here 09:07.35
03 Chuco's Cumbia 06:04.52
04 Come On, Let's Go 03:47.52
05 Papa Was A Rolling Stone > 01:40.57
06 I Can't Understand > 02:28.47
07 Oye Como Va 07:27.50
08 Reva's House 03:58.19
09 Will The Wolf Survive? 04:26.43
10 Oh Yeah 05:59.64
11 Little Things 06:08.67
12 Set Me Free (Rosa Lee) 03:39.74
13 Burn It Down 06:03.56
14 Maria Christina 04:39.74
15 Soy Mexico Americano 02:51.10
16 Let's Say Goodnight 03:31.58
17 Volver, Volver 03:51.71
18 Blues Jam 02:19.20
19 Don't Worry Baby 03:34.32
20 -encore break- 01:49.01
21 Down By The River 11:50.64
22 Mas Y Mas 08:17.73


2 AKG 414 (cardioid, ORTF) + 1 AKG 480 (+ CK81 cardioid caps, center) >
Behringer XENYX X2442USB >
Edirol R-4 [@ 24bit / 96kHz]

Sony SoundForge v10 >
CD Wave v1.98 >
FLAC [level 8]

culprit: S. McCracken

thanks: Mando Tavarez, Rick Deputy, David Lovine, John Skeels, Dan Gale,
and most importantly The Wolves Of East Los Angeles
Checksumsda104ee6785e7d07fc9adb5845e09b4b *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_01 Emily.flac<br />
140cae5b9df8fe733ab07599c9c4200c *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_02 That Train Don\'t Stop Here Anymore .flac<br />
1ceaf4747979a1fa1d971d069d686ca3 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_03 Chuco\'s Cumbia.flac<br />
9d5630bcaddff4d5b4c1d4515a56bf5c *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_04 Come On, Let\'s Go.flac<br />
6d45f54487130b62be39a82fe5359cb5 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_05 Papa Was A Rolling Stone.flac<br />
4ec04eac38b9623870213a45bc2190e0 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_06 I Can\'t Understand.flac<br />
b38199e1f156c4fe810f701dbf76d980 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_07 Oye Como Va.flac<br />
954d4a5d6d0325bd7ae9a0d2cbfba8fe *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_08 Reva\'s House.flac<br />
a67ed04920b47d59be413e2daaa0befa *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_09 Will The Wolf Survive.flac<br />
deca8a70da9516f734dbc083f52057f9 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_10 Oh Yeah.flac<br />
6a3e73506cf8f7a501a8d9245b2cba22 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_11 Little Things.flac<br />
7d05f9f6b5875d1f781feb48a50402fa *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_12 Set Me Free (Rosa Lee).flac<br />
dd2fc8f29acd57ba3e0e6adc46d509b2 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_13 Burn It Down.flac<br />
bc215956b36ca293f9ec4de323c1eef3 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_14 Maria Christina.flac<br />
e810565bdfff2779e9d636e7213a32b5 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_15 Soy Mexico Americano.flac<br />
cbb8f08f37f14b8f67161e7189567640 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_16 Let\'s Say Goodnight.flac<br />
648b074cd4ea4c3212ea9a073ab4cd77 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_17 Volver, Volver.flac<br />
a675fc47ff5ee965985a290e16d24a41 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_18 Blues Jam.flac<br />
a987abe110d3f92ebdf0117f4bb8b275 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_19 Don\'t Worry Baby.flac<br />
dcdeb1297c92129e8f66480f8cbc08e3 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_20 -encore break-.flac<br />
df25b7ce1000243283b8f1220fee01e7 *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_21 Down By The River.flac<br />
da72bc5ff020772b4994cbd3208bf0ba *LL2013-02-16akg_2496_22 Mas Y Mas.flac<br />
TypeLos Lobos
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Size2.059 GB (2210387609 Bytes)
Added2013-02-20 00:15:43
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LL2013-02-16akg_2496.txt1.1 kBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_01 Emily.flac79.36 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_02 That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore .flac176.19 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_03 Chuco's Cumbia.flac119.09 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_04 Come On, Let's Go.flac75.00 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_05 Papa Was A Rolling Stone.flac31.72 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_06 I Can't Understand.flac48.76 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_07 Oye Como Va.flac147.16 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_08 Reva's House.flac75.73 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_09 Will The Wolf Survive.flac85.94 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_10 Oh Yeah.flac115.56 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_11 Little Things.flac119.44 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_12 Set Me Free (Rosa Lee).flac73.74 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_13 Burn It Down.flac121.54 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_14 Maria Christina.flac91.00 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_15 Soy Mexico Americano.flac57.01 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_16 Let's Say Goodnight.flac69.73 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_17 Volver, Volver.flac76.02 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_18 Blues Jam.flac43.03 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_19 Don't Worry Baby.flac71.61 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_20 -encore break-.flac34.93 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_21 Down By The River.flac231.03 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_22 Mas Y Mas.flac164.40 MBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_2496_md5log.txt1.7 kBN/A
LL2013-02-16akg_24bit96kHz.flac.md51.7 kBN/A
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voodoostrat 2013-02-20 03:42:05
Gracias Crack!
ejb 2013-02-20 08:24:57
thank you
dgale 2013-02-20 10:07:38
You're a good man, even if you do get all the fun while I'm stuck at home ;-)
Blues_Ken 2013-02-20 10:51:23
Thank you crack
rasbobre 2013-02-20 12:11:46
Thank you Sir!
pierluigi 2013-02-20 13:17:24
crackmc 2013-02-20 13:20:07
i'm kind of curious to hear what you guys think of this one...this was the maiden voyage of my new mixer. i think next time (Moe's, maybe?) i'm going to use the same mic spread but a different EQ setting for the mics, as the kick drum and bass guitar are a little too washy in this mix.

also: beware the monitor blowout during the I Can't Understand > Oye Como Va transition...
dsol713 2013-02-20 19:40:40
Thanks so much, I was at this show and it is nice to see some recordings coming out of the Uptown. Sounds good to me
spinyn 2013-02-21 14:49:29
Would love to see a copy of the Sweetwater webcast...
crackmc 2013-02-21 15:32:02
so would i! (mostly for vanity-related purposes LOL)
MossyDave 2013-03-02 20:27:25
Thanks a bunch. I'm so pleased to be able to listen to those guitar solos in "Down By the River" again. What a show!

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