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ArtistDavid Bromberg
ShowDavid Bromberg Quartet 2013-02-15 Freight And Salvage, Berkeley, CA
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Info hash5f27337c095f54ce9af16c8666ad93c7bdc006fb
DescriptionDavid Bromberg Quartet
Freight And Salvage Coffeehouse
Berkeley, California
February 15, 2013 Friday

Concert Window On Line Stream > Edirol UA-5 > Sony PCM-M10 [16/44.1]

1.Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down
2.Who's Loving You Tonight
3.As The Years Go Passing By
4.Creeper Blues
5.Digging In The Deep Blue Sea
6.Over The Rainbow
7.Alabama Jubilee
8.It Takes A Lot To Laugh And It Takes A Train To Cry
9.Cocaine Blues
10.Summer Wages
11.Dark Hollow
12. Rock Salt and Nails
13.Sally Gooden > Fiddle Medley
14.Rough And Rocky
15.New Lee Highway Blues

Checksumsbromberg2013-02-15t01.flac:1802d77db57f1dcc6d13ac96863b565b<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t02.flac:31f98841c02889c353aaf3fbcac812f9<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t03.flac:5f3dc5b27e937d73bf5ba98a8866307a<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t04.flac:7542a5ed78be3ceb0d7b2e4d679e542d<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t05.flac:c49495fbba9fd4a8e5c4b0d9515a2841<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t06.flac:64c9fc0b54967079aadbfcd146f031b7<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t07.flac:a0bfc2c90548f25d02dc7d92e30cdf17<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t08.flac:3f6fdce2eec0ba070c91212212ee820c<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t09.flac:629d20d3759e531f2db60174a0611033<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t10.flac:d6c049ec511c230ae678e6bd7bd8f06b<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t11.flac:401b5ab7000feca7d19892f1f3101603<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t12.flac:9816d161d26d8804bdb939d0230084fe<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t13.flac:ba70a3511eb6f940c290fc7f60f45ba0<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t14.flac:d3a16a177f700f9ee1e592b34df59a4b<br />
bromberg2013-02-15t15.flac:00e21e0dde68a15c432dca556a93d6ac<br />
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oldjembo 2013-02-20 16:40:46
Thanks again
Reelboy 2013-02-20 16:47:12
Thank you so much for these!
rumrunners 2013-02-20 18:29:06
12. Rock Salt and Nails

jsullivan 2013-02-21 00:57:46
thanks a lot wnu! you walk along candleman in pursuit of the violin maker...
hucklive 2013-02-21 02:03:49
Many Thanks!

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