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ArtistZony Mash
ShowZony Mash 1998-12-16 The Rainbow - Seattle, WA [MATRIX SBD + FOB Shure vp88 - THE VIPER]
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Torrentzm1998-12-16.shure vp88.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads aszm1998-12-16.shure vp88.flac16
Info hash2748ccbda196f96249bfcbd1e62fad1d5d4d59d1
DescriptionZony Mash - 12/16/98
Seattle, WA. - The Rainbow

Source: MATRIX SBD + FOB Shure vp88> unknown devices> DAT by EEE

Transfer: DAT-> Sony r500-> Audiophile 2496-> Samplitude 5.5-> WAV by EEE on 2/21/13

01. FYI
02. ??
03. Big Shoe (cut)
05. (cut) Meet the Zony Mash >
06. Slide By
07. Whip It
08. Stompin' at the Cranium
09. Good King Wenceslas
10. Forever >
11. Bad Traffic *
12. Daylight *

* with Briggan Krauss

- recorded at the pole FOB DFC 10 feet from stage on 8 foot stand
- Chris Chappel's rig I was patched out with my D8
- I don't remember what Chris was recording with outside of the Viper!
- Living Daylights opened
- FOH Engineer Mel Detmer
- There is an 8 min gap where there must have been technical difficulties up stream (track 4)
- Thanks to Jon Epstein for the tracking and setlist
Checksumszonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t01.flac:6bb38b4c519528d1d15aea9af82f9082<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t02.flac:63837c0176e267142342a7337e6613a7<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t03.flac:0b46d7a6391db622f2fdfe43725185f5<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t04.flac:e554c4945c7caa234c7706ad3bdadb06<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t05.flac:5e59f769901dc686ce0c3013270b87a3<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t06.flac:f9243d8b77f66cc72099b0b5ee72e947<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t07.flac:83dc1cb8253ebbc6e13638e32699802e<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t08.flac:8e9744d50a91f91c57dd8443d72d9402<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t09.flac:b6f12240d73ff7e44280e96cfd547fed<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t10.flac:0d081d13e5d99007616758eacf57d88f<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t11.flac:364e121f64bf028e7e21b3e1edc5ad42<br />
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t12.flac:a54aeb31dc4c302ea7cee89bf5da1f3c<br />
TypeZony Mash
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zm1998-12-16.shure vp88.ffp985 BN/A
zm1998-12-16.shure vp88.txt848 BN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t01.flac33.56 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t02.flac29.66 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t03.flac1.39 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t04.flac11.39 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t05.flac20.98 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t06.flac51.14 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t07.flac15.74 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t08.flac55.00 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t09.flac23.79 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t10.flac17.82 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t11.flac64.21 MBN/A
zonymash1998-12-16.shure vp88.t12.flac52.46 MBN/A
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eee 2013-02-23 15:33:30
Problem with that last file set I realized. DELETE the other one and start over with this one.....
jillbob 2013-02-23 17:57:35
hey thanks again!
timk 2013-02-23 23:36:49
Thanks! Any chance you have the LD set too? Heady nights at the Rainbow!
eee 2013-02-23 23:52:20
Yes I have the Daylights set too. Wasn't on the same tape and it's hiding in a box someplace. I'll get there. Enjoy! Lot of great stuff pupping up and we are going to keep pumping it out!
Halowdance 2013-02-24 03:27:09
Thank you!!!
eee 2013-02-24 07:25:28
Typing with Chris and this is a a MATRIX not just the shure vp88. He said "This is also a matrix - the nice thing about the Rainbow is you could get 2 aux sends and create your own stereo SBD mix! Thanks to Fudd!"
Pisces 2013-02-24 12:23:11
ArchivalAudio 2013-02-24 15:06:32
Thanks to everyone involved!
To Zony Mash and to Mel for always mixing so well!

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