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ShowMcTuff with Skerik - 2013-02-09 - Eugene, Oregon
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Info hash1e1a17475cd5d156720c315e9287a203abd7e280
DescriptionMcTuff featuring Skerik
Diablo's Downtown Lounge - Eugene, Oregon
February 9, 2013

Set 1 (disc 1)
4. Smack
5. Team Player
6. Suit And Tie
8. I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Set 2 (disc 2)
3. Eighties Joystick
4. Neighbors Ivy
6. Couldn't Stand The Weather
8. America, Fuck Yeah

Joe Doria, Keyboards
Andy Coe, Guitar
Tarik Abouzied, Drums
Skerik, Saxophone, Vocals

Source: Schoeps MK4/CMC6 > Grace Design Lunatec V2 > Tascam HD-P2 (24/48)
Transfer: SF8 (trims/volume) > WaveLab 5 (UV22HR) > CD WAVE > FLAC
notes: mics XY - stage lip - right side of stage
*arrived at the venue just as the 1st song started/so it fades in
Had to have outpatient surgery on my finger the day of this show - then my car brokedown on the way back from the procedure and it was day 3 of a 3 day run of shows (so I had plenty of excuses to bail on it). But, I really enjoy seeing Skerik so I rallied to the venue late and am really glad I did as it was a great show!
recording & transfer by Dean Grabski (

Checksumsmctuff2013-02-09-set1-track01.flac:87c86c142d2a6a96a529f0894f1968d4<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track02.flac:64ecadfb4d3bee2b3a02d77c807a6a95<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track03.flac:e3c64f467d22024d78533ab3f3377fbc<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track04.flac:ce0433a24eeba4f347a1146a7dde4a17<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track05.flac:49218c412fb61f96c083c91758efda82<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track06.flac:bbb8660e6fce1d4317cbb2b76f9b7182<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track07.flac:48b3ed0b77ee4e79c0c4d7c36191ba76<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track08.flac:0416204e3fecd6bbbe62cb8fdfb7d4b9<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track01.flac:4776d1b3a75420e196a54b3aada7b4e6<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track02.flac:4ee20baaf29c5f9558d79770baf31d62<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track03.flac:36645e01f6a7c5c19e690615fc6aa903<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track04.flac:c2691c0e573da3fbf275cdb0b504ba85<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track05.flac:e9a0a091308d62ce7a7612df8b952e02<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track06.flac:2e2e069f8c45a753d6a827113948c77f<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track07.flac:d482fd18f606f9fd51d4817f012cefb5<br />
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track08.flac:980946b72e637466a3948f513570fcd0<br />
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mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track03.flac68.38 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track04.flac80.69 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track05.flac98.74 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track06.flac35.38 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track07.flac53.43 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set1-track08.flac68.97 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track01.flac60.68 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track02.flac55.00 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track03.flac44.09 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track04.flac53.28 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track05.flac41.97 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track06.flac66.54 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track07.flac18.97 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09-set2-track08.flac44.51 MBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09.txt1.0 kBN/A
mctuff2013-02-09ffp.txt1.1 kBN/A
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pmars104 2013-02-23 20:36:44
cosmicallytuned 2013-02-24 00:33:43
Thanks for sharing glad you were persistent this is a rare one . America Fuc YEh
ArchivalAudio 2013-02-24 00:35:46
Awesome! thanx Dean

looking forward to this one... wish I was there!

RandyBayers 2013-02-24 08:51:27
McTuff 5/7/11 NOLA: (with Skerik)
Pisces 2013-02-24 12:23:54
green stink 2013-02-24 22:59:55
Thank you for your diligence!!! Been missing seing Skerik, the last 2 times (the last 2 Marches, but not this one :(...) I had to book him to make it happen...being Dead Kenny Gs are about my favorite band it wasn't a tough call!
crmass 2013-02-25 08:37:53
Thanks so much! Any chance you recorded the other 2 shows?

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