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Showmoe. ~ 2005-08-20 ~ Great Woods, Mansfield MA ** New source to circulation ** (Please read source note before dl)
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Info hash0df38fe35448fca2ae53bdd38994982bb9dbec79
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Great Woods (aka Tweeter Center/Comcast Center)
Mansfield, MA

Source note: Last track Rebubula is omitted (apparently lost in 2005 transfer)

Source: AKG391 (x-y @~10'/LOC sec 6) > V3 > Sony PCM-M1 (16/44.1)
Transfer (2005): Sony PCM-M1 (analog attenuator) > V3 > Edirol UA25 > Sound Forge 5.0 > CD
Transfer (2013): CD/Sound Forge 9.0 (rip, fades and normalize) > TLH (flac@8 and ffp)

Taped, transferred and seeded by Bob Crupi

01. Wind It Up
02. Kyle's Song >
03. Big World >
04. Tailspin
05. Captain America >
06. Mexico
07. Wicked Awesome

Opened for Allman Brothers Band
Support taper friendly venues and bands
Checksumsmoe2005-08-20s01t01.flac:cc54eb5041405644eb729bb9b292d971<br />
moe2005-08-20s01t02.flac:ea2d8a2f935bce6456deaa520f92dac4<br />
moe2005-08-20s01t03.flac:964263b897352afdf3642e4e1770f86d<br />
moe2005-08-20s01t04.flac:8207b4d00aed1369c690c6a3b529b285<br />
moe2005-08-20s01t05.flac:538010e77d52bdc536ea6b0d998743e0<br />
moe2005-08-20s01t06.flac:0663674d3ad420a1481f1505fa364b02<br />
moe2005-08-20s01t07.flac:6a5ce791410f119fb86518c0a293a06f<br />
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moe2005-08-20s01t06.flac64.22 MBN/A
moe2005-08-20s01t05.flac56.42 MBN/A
moe2005-08-20s01t07.flac55.01 MBN/A
moe2005-08-20s01t01.flac50.95 MBN/A
moe2005-08-20s01t03.flac40.58 MBN/A
moe2005-08-20s01t04.flac35.57 MBN/A
moe2005-08-20.txt676 BN/A
moe2005-08-20.flac16.ffp413 BN/A
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jmitchell 2013-02-24 17:58:15
thekid78 2013-02-24 18:40:52
Thanks for sharing!!! what a fun night. I wish the allman brothers allowed trading here. I'd love to get that too! they were ripping that night! thanks again!
bvaz 2013-02-24 18:55:47
thanks Bob.
hope to see you at snoe.down

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