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ShowTumbleweed Wanderers, 2013-02-21, The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN **KM-184**
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Info hashccf011b21c126fef070078f8b9b94d8bd4f1c3f4
DescriptionTumbleweed Wanderers
February 21, 2013
The Cabooze
Minneapolis, MN

Neumann SKM-184(DIN) > Grace Lunatec V3 > Microtrack, 24/48
Format: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, Samplitude (dither, resample)
Recorded and transferred by Rick Odeen (

01. No Longer Waiting
02. Take It Back
03. Hard Times
04. Realize
05. Freedom Town
06. I'll Go Crazy
07. So Long
08. Fire
09. Let It Go
10. Troubadour
11. Roll With The Times

*** Thanks to Tumbleweed Wanderers, Rose Presents and the staff of The Cabooze for allowing the night to be recorded.
ChecksumsTumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze01-No_Longer_Waiting.flac:0af6c5b18914912c022ae41771d59771
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze02-Take_It_Back.flac:ed75799cac25f01b4bf6cc76d98eb799
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze03-Hard_Times.flac:8b7fa23ef38b1504f0930b88f84ba4c0
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze04-Realize.flac:7e127d19fa760e3d88fe9b10eed7d3b5
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze05-Freedom_Town.flac:025e4bf78b5e848a2bb27fa0501e9606
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze06-Ill_Go_Crazy.flac:4d1ca78ee646dccd851a9b8b047ea1b2
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze07-So_Long.flac:de0f90fcd06a46cefb7e0132c1431d00
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze08-Fire.flac:7bdee2856e71e0f3f8bd96f1b2ec3989
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze09-Let_It_Go.flac:9142ced83dc62fbdac3e675473f438e8
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze10-Troubadour.flac:14ce27d2ffad06be16c9f3a2ef360daa
Tumbleweed Wanderers 2013-02-21 Cabooze11-Roll_With_The_Times.flac:2635201d0ff3c01ef64aef25c1eb1a72
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