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Show**SBD** Head for the Hills - 2012/02/22 - Kalamazoo, MI - Bell's Backroom -
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Torrent2013-02-22 Head for the Hills - Kalamazoo MI - Bells Backroom.torrent (click to download)
Downloads as2013-02-22 - Head for the Hills - Kalamazoo MI - Bells Backroom
Info hash9d16b7ce46d37f6cc60fe53b73d7c1cb973c77cd
DescriptionHead for the Hills
Kalamazoo, MI
Bell's Backroom

Source: SBD > R4 @ WAV 24/96
Transfer: USB > Cool Edit Pro (downsampled to WAV 16/44.1) > TLH > FLAC

1. //Phantom > Celtic Jam > Nellie Kane
2. Light the Way
4. Lost in the Loop
5. Dependency Co.
6. Hornets >
7. Solsbury Hill
8. Lover's Scorn >
9. High on a Mountain
10. Bosun Ridley
11. Down the River Road
12. Priscilla the Chinchilla
13. Take Me Back
14. Never Does
15. ChupChik
16. Oxford Town
17. Music for a Found Harmonium >
18. One Foot in the Grave
19. Scrap Metal
20. How Far I'd Fall for You
21. Wish You Well
22. Time to Spare
23. Mama Tried
24. Unknown
25. Scribe's Eye >
26. My Angelie
27. Wild Horse
28. Goin' Down
29. Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
30. Unchain My Heart

Notes on the Recording:

The recording is missing several of the songs to start the night's show. Long story short, I was held up at work MUCH later than I thought, and I walked into the show distraught that I would not get the chance to tape. Jake, one of the awesome sound folks at Bell's, encouraged me to grab my recorder and board patch, saying, "You WILL regret not getting this recording!" I decided to grab my stuff and plug in for the night, but obviously, this is an incomplete recording. I'm posting it here anyway, as I was the only taper there that night and it really would be a shame to not share this with the rest of the bluegrass-loving world.

I get it if you don't want to give it a five-star rating due to its incomplete nature. But don't deny yourselves.

All tracks normalized to 0 dB, with limiting used to eliminate clipping.
Checksumse66e37a7fd7cbb409670d1be9a57f722 *hfth2012-02-22s01t01.flac
b8e209cd226d920ff49416688cf67850 *hfth2012-02-22s01t02.flac
6f29caa1f7503e78330f43e937733b7d *hfth2012-02-22s01t03.flac
76d4063dc3855c41dfc9d13e29dd8998 *hfth2012-02-22s01t04.flac
37504541ff0550500dfd6479f8fba040 *hfth2012-02-22s01t05.flac
3be4dcf1905fe9bb4aec92278850c5eb *hfth2012-02-22s01t06.flac
1bd403cbc92b4ad3d16baca342fc0082 *hfth2012-02-22s01t07.flac
613c0ae106d9bf7057e49e6b2cc07f4d *hfth2012-02-22s01t08.flac
3d533c7c6d271592f16b80e003278f84 *hfth2012-02-22s01t09.flac
2684532d989317ddaa453f8ae72daec2 *hfth2012-02-22s01t10.flac
f561114246fad843fc456d2323e24eb9 *hfth2012-02-22s01t11.flac
fb73665887d5669860e676e59cd850ac *hfth2012-02-22s01t12.flac
225e627ccd1359bca86c8c4363c9f82a *hfth2012-02-22s01t13.flac
0241321f7669498630587e132cb097a9 *hfth2012-02-22s01t14.flac
30fbcabe8adbef18c993fa492726db6c *hfth2012-02-22s01t15.flac
1adb348d947533dc719027d2c099625f *hfth2012-02-22s01t16.flac
14a88928224ae332c2808667a9b55a0d *hfth2012-02-22s01t17.flac
1130b7593a30987396cc546a6e702480 *hfth2012-02-22s01t18.flac
6f3e46d697a1cb79f69383537449daaa *hfth2012-02-22s01t19.flac
6024f24672dcebbd0c61514fc28833e9 *hfth2012-02-22s01t20.flac
e8bca0033520bebd5434d5902dec0289 *hfth2012-02-22s01t21.flac
c89f13d334ed61150a2a35a3ded247ac *hfth2012-02-22s01t22.flac
ddfe2d0e1819d69419e49346c55ee239 *hfth2012-02-22s01t23.flac
94248d9bcf8aac7c775b4d0b5b6f31bb *hfth2012-02-22s01t24.flac
424c42b684307d065cd0f1ee3fad22e1 *hfth2012-02-22s01t25.flac
232061b42f98077c18cc557f2776f4a7 *hfth2012-02-22s01t26.flac
362f08862f968e29da59d536acf1f5ab *hfth2012-02-22s01t27.flac
c2148eb9139e76d6def583d07c5b8be2 *hfth2012-02-22s01t28.flac
27d26ad7305584c65aa3af22a5eeb1ce *hfth2012-02-22s01t29.flac
84f40ea70b65fd9a512963f3b7cafbfa *hfth2012-02-22s01t30.flac
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chocobot 2013-02-25 10:11:21
thanks for taping
kweegibo 2013-02-25 10:46:17
Thanks for recording and sharing

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