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ShowNew Orleans Suspects 2013-02-23 at Whiskey Junction - Minneapolis, MN
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TorrentNOLASuspects2013-02-23.mk5.perks.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asNOLASuspects2013-02-23.mk5.perks.flac16
Info hashdb50065daed4705cc8fa2c16cd4a04e656e3a516
DescriptionNew Orleans Suspects
February 23, 2012
Whiskey Junction
Minneapolis, MN

Source: Schoeps MK41V's (DIN) > active cables > Nbox > Edirol R-09HR @ 24/96.

Transfer: Emtec 16GB SDHC card > Dell PC > 24bit WAV > Sony Sound Forge 9.0e > CDWave Editor > Traders' Little Helper > FLAC16.

Willie Green - drums
Reggie Scanlan - bass
Jeff Watkins - saxophone
Jake Eckert - guitars, vocals
CR Gruver - keyboards, vocals

Recorded and transferred by perks.

1. Todd Baker Intros The Band
2. Country Side Of Life >
3. Classified
4. Swampthang
5. Get Back What You're Giving
6. That's What Love Will Make You Do (with Demitri Rallis on guitar)
7. 36 Cars
8. Hey Hey (Indians Coming)
9. Smoke Your Peace Pipe
10. Willie's Second Line
11. Outro

12. Todd Baker Intros Band
13. Sailin' Shoes > Hey Julia >
14. Sneaking Sally Thru The Alley
15. Carnival
16. Things
17. The Shape I'm In
18. Let's Radiate
19. Soothe Me
20. Big Chief
21. Encore Break
22. Blackbird Special
23. Hey Pocky Way
24. Outro
ChecksumsNOLASuspects2013-02-23t10.flac:852a6d92d34fcb8ddfe9a38b0168da55<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t11.flac:f7069c9d7628fc85bbbdd1765dc681f2<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t12.flac:b787d14086d395923ff395d7513805d1<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t13.flac:96603043c736d4d8eeb3df12606d11ef<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t14.flac:0da1ebc02e6f6dbc4d4223a89beb9f71<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t15.flac:e73747ec8766665420ea11ef0acdc52f<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t16.flac:40f31b72cbabe930efdc73450082e2ba<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t17.flac:a4131bb2917407697f14737109f7cd02<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t18.flac:416d880a61997ebc9496a1a88c115246<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t19.flac:9e49c2bbf4c99446394a7e8e031ae8b4<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t20.flac:1b51a6e2be6797266ea3312de0f6d12b<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t21.flac:9324e3e2cb6fa7548647b161f753638a<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t22.flac:b337de959ae4bc7d3b3e656dfc529912<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t23.flac:e2ed87d763d41d7d0e67e5e9adf87a2c<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t24.flac:0394ad657555b9d6e7b705838266a3fe<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t01.flac:f97fb0ab64354197690832013760c7c4<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t02.flac:3be3715bdfd2fa4ee5b3b4bf36c37d6d<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t03.flac:93bc37fbccb92b6918a0e30b0496b52c<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t04.flac:f1347a153feafc32e0e23cde92dc6f21<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t05.flac:f48eba2fee8a1c51b48e26f789fcc599<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t06.flac:ece5192e5f1543fa3f1068ee433a58c5<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t07.flac:808f2e1e1f917a2a9e8d7e7ac6f4154d<br />
NOLASuspects2013-02-23t08.flac:23b4e73ce00e72bd545d8146a8e4b7fc<br />
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elliotpark 2013-02-25 21:14:22
whoops - I just noticed I named the folder with mk5 as an identifier. I swapped Schoeps caps with cosmicsoul420 for this show so I ran his mk41V's on a DIN bar 20' back from the stage and he ran my mk5's onstage in the omni setting.
ucbruce 2013-02-27 14:21:08
Why am I unable to connect to this torrent? I keep getting an error message that "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way that is forbidden by it's access permissions"
Have not seen that one before. I'm using utorrent 3.2.3
perks 2013-02-27 20:55:28

I had a lot of problems with utorrent after it upgraded itself. I went back to using the prior version and the problems went away. I've read about other people having similar issues that solved it with an older version.

You can download the show here too:

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