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ShowMerl Saunders And The Rainforest Band (w/Buddy Miles, Odetta, Oteil Burbridge), Manny's Carwash, NYC 10/22/1996 Neumann KM140/TLM170 flac16 BARN144 3.5 hour show!
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Info hash00a37993e74ebab298d6e4add62121f98c52c706
DescriptionMerl Saunders And The Rainforest Band
Manny's Carwash
New York, NY

Original master recordings:
Set 1: Neumann KM-140 -> Sonosax -> Sony D8 (1st gen digital dub @ 16/48)
Set 2: Neumann TLM-170 (cardoid) -> Stuart BPS-1 -> Teac DAP20 (digital patch) -> Denon DTR-80p (@16/48)

DAT playback: Sony R-500 -> Sound Devices 722 digital input (@24/48)

Mastered: Soundforge Pro 10.0d - *All file manipulation in Soundforge done at 24 bits*. Sample rate conversion 48khz to 44.1khz using iZotope 64-Bit SRC set higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter. 24 bit file then processed with SOX 14.4.0 (as recommended, keeping the file at 24 bits during the processing) to remove pre-emphasis (for set 2 only) which was applied by the Teac A>D converter. Then back to Soundforge for volume normalization and dithering to 16 bits using using iZotope MBIT+ with Ultra noise shaping, with high dither settings; MAJOR clap scrubbing -- near constant in some songs + targeted feedback EQ filtering. Tracked in CDWav. IDv3 tagging in AudioShell v1.3.6.

Set 1
1. tuning / intro - Merl is not here yet
2. Sister Sadie
3. Fire On The Mountain +
4. banter - Merl was in Phish land, inviting Odetta
5. I'm a Stranger Here>Memphis Yodel>??>I'm a Stranger Here>Way Down That Lonesome Road *
6. After Midnight
7. Fire
8. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
9. Sugaree
10. banter - inviting up Oteil
11. High Heeled Sneakers %^
12. Cissy Strut ^%
13. banter - thanks to Larry & Oteil, setbreak announce

Set 2
1. crowd / tuning / banter - Buddy Miles in the house
2. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water #
3. banter - inviting back Odetta
4. CC Rider -> #*
5. It's Your Thing -> #*
6. CC Rider -> #*
7. Hi-Heeled Sneakers -> #
8. Sing A Simple Song / If You Want Me To Stay #
9. banter - Phish / Jimi / Odetta
10. Hey Joe #*
11. banter - Buddy's gonna play some tubs / tuning
12. Mustang Sally @^*
13. drum solo -> @
14. Who Do You Love jam -> @^*
15. Mustang Sally -> @^*
16. Get Out Of My Life Woman (tease) -> @^*
17. Mustang Sally @^*
18. Built For Comfort @^
19. encore break / tuning
20. Born Under A Bad Sign @^
21. banter - Merl has to catch a train to Philly
22. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town #*&
23. thanks / crowd

Total time: 3:29:17

Merl Saunders - keyboards, organ (not on track 2 or the first 10:04 in Track 3)
Michael Warren - bass
Michael Hinton - guitar
Vince Littleton - drums

+ = Merl enters at 10:04 in song
* = w/Odetta on vocals
^ = w/Oteil Burbridge on bass and vocals
% = w/Larry Hunter on guitar, replacing Michael Hinton
# = w/Buddy Miles on guitar / vocals
@ = w/Buddy Miles on drums / vocals
& = w/? on drums

DAT -> Wav Transfer: 11/5/2011
Mastering / clap removal: 12/16/2012-2/23/2013

Set 1 recorded by Jason Greenberg
Set 2 recorded by Scott Bernstein & Boris Lvovsky

Transfer, mastering, tracking, tagging by Scott Bernstein

Taper notes:
It's been ages since I last brought a BARN series recording to you all (well, 4 months!), and it's not due to lack of trying. Yes, I've been busy with a TON of other shows I've been recording and posting, but mostly it's because I have been working on THIS particular recording for 2 months, the most I've spent on any recording yet. What took so long? Well, it was mostly due to the fact that there were CONSTANT and annoying claps on just about every song in this concert that were screaming to be scrubbed from this wonderful show so it would be more listenable. Picture the touching, quiet rendition of "Gee, Baby Ain't I Good To You?" from this show with loud claps throughout. Ugh.

Anyway back to this show -- BARN144 I bring to you as one that I've been thinking about ever since I started my archive series. This is, even 16 years later, an extremely memorable night to me -- in fact it still stands out as a highlight of my concertgoing experiences.

So what is it about this show? Well, first off, it's Merl Saunders. This guy who has sadly passed on, was always a joy to see. The positive energy and smiles he brought to the stage was unparalleled. I managed to see him over 15 times (including being the impetus for my very first trip to The Wetlands in 1990) and each time was a pleasure. Yes, I've already posted my recording of that historic 1990 show....but why this one? Setting the stage even more, let's talk about the venue -- Manny's Carwash was a TINY TINY place (it held maybe 150 people?) on the Upper East Side which is also now just a memory. For a while, each time Merl would come to NYC to play Wetlands, a larger venue (800?), he would play a "secret" show at Manny's the following night. And no matter how good the show at Wetlands was, the more intimate show at Manny's was always more special.

And what about this night? Well, setting the stage even more, this was the night that Merl (and also Buddy Miles) sat in with Phish at MSG earlier for a performance of "All Along The Watchtower". Boris Lvovsky, my taping partner in crime at this point, and I were of course at the Phish MSG show taping with a rented pair of Neumann TLM-170s (prior to my purchase of them in 1997). We had NOT planned to go to this late night Merl show -- I mean this was a Tuesday night, the 2nd night of a (not particularly memorable) 2 night run of Phish -- BOTH of which were weeknight shows during which I had to go to work the next morning. Of course, any SANE/"responsible" person would have headed home to bed after the Phish show, which probably ended about 11:30pm.

But an early bedtime was not to be had on this night. Boris and I decided that after Merl & Buddy Miles had sat in with Phish that night, we HAD to drop by Manny's to see what would go down there, and most importantly, what GUESTS would also drop into Manny's -- of course, the hope was that Trey or any of the Phish guys would stop in at the intimate venue. So, by the time we packed up our gear and arrived uptown, there was already quite a line outside of the venue. If I recall it was quite chilly on this night, and we waited and waited in line outside until we finally made our way in. The show was well underway, but we were relived to find fellow taper Jason Greenberg already in place in the PACKED venue and running his gear taping the first set. To even try and set up our gear in the packed space would have been a near impossible undertaking. Luckily the setbreak came soon enough Boris and I got our gear up and running before the 2nd set started.

To start off with, we got some sit-ins by (at the time well known to me, but not well known to the world at large) Oteil Burbridge, bassist from the Aquarium Rescue Unit -- who within just a few months would be hired as the bassist for the Allman Brothers Band -- and apparently, Odetta, who sang a few songs before I was admitted into the venue. And due to the timing of Merl's sit-in with Phish (it was during the encore), he was, as you'll hear in this recording, quite late to his own show! The Rainforest Band, who'd been together a good long time by now, was tight enough to carry the first couple of tunes on their own -- including a nice long version of the Grateful Dead's "Fire On The Mountain".

What REALLY made this show for me was seeing the LEGENDARY Buddy Miles literally TAKE OVER the show during the 2nd set. For anyone who isn't familiar, Buddy was the drummer for Jimi Hendrix's post-Experience project, The Band Of Gypsys. (For anyone who is not familiar with this material -- RUN don't walk to your local music store [or iTunes!] and grab the Band Of Gypsys album ASAP -- it will, at a minimum change your opinion of what Jimi could do, and at maximum, it will change your life! The song "Machine Gun" may be the best thing Jimi ever wrote...). This was a very different sort of project for Jimi, who was trying to put together a project that absorbed the influence of James Brown and Sly And The Family Stone -- and Band Of Gypsys was the result. Buddy wasn't just a soulful, funky drummer, but he had an amazing voice and wrote some classic songs -- in particular you probably have heard of his composition and his vocals on "Them Changes", probably his most well-known (and oft-covered) song. He also went on to tour and release an album with Carlos Santana, and in a strange footnote, achieved his biggest success as the voice of the California Raisins.

This was no mere sit-in by Buddy Miles -- he was a LARGE man, and when he stepped onstage, he truly took over the show -- playing guitar and singing for about half of the second set, and playing drums and singing for the other half. Merl was playing sideman in his own band -- give a listen towards the end -- more than once Merl says "We've gotta get out of here, thanks and goodnight!", only to have Buddy counter him and tell everyone that they weren't done yet!

Of course, in addition to Buddy, we get more Odetta and Oteil sit-ins in the 2nd set, plus Larry Hunter (who I'm not otherwise familiar with, but seems to have had his own somewhat successful career), and another drummer whose name I can't seem to make out.

One look at the track listing for the 2nd set will reveal that the territory covered is mostly (except for a "Built For Comfort", a regular Merl's repertoire, and a repeat of "Hi Heeled Sneakers" from the first set) not a part of Merl and the bands' repertoire -- we're talking about blues covers, a Sly & The Family Stone medley, and one Hendrix tune.

If you're not familiar with Odetta, she was an American folk and blues treasure, who had started singing in her church and in stage musicals in the 1940s, but went on to have a long and well-decorated career as a folk singer starting in the 1960s.

Getting Merl, Buddy, and Odetta on the same stage at the same time -- now that's a feat I'm not sure had ever happened before or after. And, sadly, all 3 are now gone -- and in an eerie coincidence -- all in the year 2008. :( In the end, this would be the only time (other than the Phish sit-in earlier this night) I'd ever see Buddy Miles or Odetta perform.

So to sum it up, this was a historic night where 3 musical legends who have now passed on played onstage together at a very very intimate venue.

I hope you all appreciate the excruciating work that I put into bringing this recording up to my very high standards, and hope that I have done this music justice.


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BARN144 - Merl Saunders and the Rainforest Band with special guests Buddy Miles, Odetta, Oteil Burbridge, and Larry Hunter, Manny's Carwash, 10/22/1996 (on
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cb4c20214bed60d13ea33f0ccfb9e695 *merlsaunders1996-10-22s1t09.flac<br />
092a6d8a742a0e93328ec79527bc2787 *merlsaunders1996-10-22s1t10.flac<br />
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drewdawg 2013-02-25 07:08:08
zmanatl 2013-02-25 07:51:01
Nice work Scott!
JeremyLykins 2013-02-25 08:09:24
I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE me some Merl!!! Thanks for sharing! This is a perfect example of why taping every show that you can is so important.
boris_lvovsky 2013-02-25 08:37:44
Scotty, thanks for doing the clap removal and putting this epic show up! The second set blew me away. And thanks to Peter Hefter for the TLMs, they inspired you to get your own pair. And the rest is history....

bigdaddybflo 2013-02-25 10:12:10
Epic show ! Thanks for the love Scotty.
mmwarchives 2013-02-25 11:13:39
As stated above, this is truly EPIC!!!!

Thanks to Scott, Boris & Jason Greenberg for triple-teaming the effort on capturing this phenomenal show. One for the ages!! Good
thing Jason blew off the Phish show that night so we get the whole thing.
caravaggio1600 2013-02-25 11:56:24
Goddamn Scott! GOOD YEARS at Manny's while it lasted. I know there are many Derek Trucks Band shows from Mannys from the mid to late 1990s as I saw him perform there many times. I remember 'Little Buster' was brought up for an encore and he was somewhat old, he danced himself off the stage while playing... There were also a few secret/private/unannounced Gov't Mule shows with the '714 Dose Tickets'. 1996-97? 1st Ave. between 87th and 88th streets. 2013-02-25 13:54:24
Thanks to MMWArchives for some set list corrections. The list on this page should supersede the list in the .txt file in the torrent.
thecat18 2013-02-25 21:01:38
Thanks for sharing.
JennaF 2013-02-25 22:50:56
This looks great!!! Thanks a bunch!!! :)
pixielf 2013-03-02 09:32:05
Wow! This looks great! Thank you!
letitgro 2013-10-17 07:08:37
Thanks for sharing this Scott.

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