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ArtistString Cheese Incident
Showsci1998-05-24 Negril, Jamaica - Alfred's Ocean Palace [SBD + AKG414's matrix flac16]
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Torrentsci1998-05-24.sbd-akg414-mtx.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashb120b384c7b9296c9098ced72430141f9c9c6c1f
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DescriptionString Cheese Incident - 5/24/1998
Alfred's Ocean Palace - Negril, Jamaica

Source: SBD matrix with AKG 414 > unkown 4 track mixer > SBM-1 > DAT by EEE patched from Rob Boyle

Transfer: DAT-> Sony r500-> Audiophile 2496-> Samplitude 5.5-> WAV by EEE on 2/18/13

Set 1:
01. Soundcheck *
02. Lester had a Coconut *
03. Little Hands> Jam> Lively Up Yourself Jam->
04. Dudley's Kitchen
05. Mtn Girls
06. Got What He Wanted> Flipside the Flapjack>
07. Mouna Bowa
08. Black Clouds #

Set 2:
01. Lonesome Fiddle Blues
02. Missing Me>
03. So What $>
04. Stir It Up Jam>
05. Round The Wheel
06. Outro

- * technical difficulties
- # Stir It Up tease
- $ with Keller Williams on mouth fluguel
- Rob Boyle ran the matrix
- The unknown 4 track mixer was a cheaper-smaller mixer I can't remember what flavor (not a Mackie)
- Set 2 amplified 4.4db
- FOH Engineer Jon O'Leary
Checksumssci1998-05-24d1t01.flac:4d6a73cab54ab2906f33b74d109e89d1<br />
sci1998-05-24d1t02.flac:358cc01efaba848f98e4a1772188f224<br />
sci1998-05-24d1t03.flac:8a74e11bacd80b60882605c276b7b0e4<br />
sci1998-05-24d1t04.flac:4e8504fda4cdc823ca858bc6ec942cae<br />
sci1998-05-24d1t05.flac:a26f904c074aac851b896b8261545d4b<br />
sci1998-05-24d1t06.flac:44c236cb27d2ef5ae193c615ef939c81<br />
sci1998-05-24d1t07.flac:902d657793ad3fb1339dffac46e5283a<br />
sci1998-05-24d1t08.flac:aa15f8ac2494cb1eba2003624ac0d8c1<br />
sci1998-05-24d2t01.flac:01a9a27557f7c1629706f482acb45d83<br />
sci1998-05-24d2t02.flac:d9d65093fed8f3bc817eb470f27d39d2<br />
sci1998-05-24d2t03.flac:c9577f34455bedcc1ac3efb11c952628<br />
sci1998-05-24d2t04.flac:bec58855933c3fddf14cc6fd16289689<br />
sci1998-05-24d2t05.flac:58cffe4e1a7646b25bc86cdee2d71e73<br />
TypeString Cheese Incident
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eee 2013-02-25 23:57:57
I will be working on xfer'ing some older sci dats to fill holes where shows have no source in the db.etree, and/or are not on LMA (like this one). Stay tuned. This show was pretty rough around the edges but it has some moments. I advise skipping the first two tracks unless you want to relive the buzzer. At least turn your volume down and be ready if you're using headphones.
sloth1976 2013-02-26 00:35:24
Great show. Thank you
twatts 2013-02-26 07:10:24
eee - I have access to many DATs from this era of Cheese... Hit me up if something is missing, my buddy Steve may have it...

mikefreed 2013-02-26 07:43:42
thanks for sharing !!!
looking forward to more !!!
eee 2013-02-26 09:25:35
Hi Terry. Yes we should compare notes. There are prob not many I don't have from that era but I bet SM had a few that I missed. MJ and I are chatting as well and I'm going to seed his schoeps sources out too once he sorts through them. I'll hit you up. Thanks!
jamas 2013-02-26 11:06:53
Ill try to find my old box of DATs, but have a bunch of fall 97 (Halloween run) I can help out too.

eee 2013-02-26 11:44:48
Hi Jamas. Sounds good. Cross check the db and LMA and work on the totally unlisted stuff. In some cases we just need to update the db and I'm working on that. I'd rather that not create multiple sources if we can avoid it. 10/29 & 10/30 look like targets of opportunity. There are plenty to work on obviously! I have a bunch of those 10/97's too. Good shows! I'll be working on updating the db. Email me if you want to coordinate
ECB 2013-02-26 19:35:59

Do either of you know if a clean copy of 5/22/97 from the Belly Up exists? Meaning, did JonO record it? I know he recorded most every show but was occasionally lax with labelling dats, etc.

The aforementioned Rob Boyle (who worked almost as hard as JonO on the 24th) , Gary Bell and I all experienced our first Incident together that night. I was the "sober" one....both those guys went deep that night. The band too. Wow, I was on Bussy before Stingray (the opener that night) was over. By the end of the show, we were all friends of the band. =^D

And while Gary and Rob recorded that night, it was directly into a D8 with no pre and was--at times--overloaded. Problems with the kick too. Any lines on that show would be highly coveted, by me, at least.

Again, thanks for all the work. Got the Anders Osborne High Sierra '96 set and that's been great. If all y'all like excellent slide work, go get this Ry Cooder sbd from '84 over at The Traders Den.

ECB 2013-02-26 19:52:14
And while I'm at it, add the next night, 5/23/97 to the "Does it exist" list as well....the following night on the Sunset Strip at Billboard Live, the place that was Gazzari's before that. That was a weird place to record and while our friend did (on, as I recall, an AT8053 rig), but it sure didn't sound real great, even though it sounded good in the venue. Tough place to get good recordings, that's for sure.

ECB 2013-02-26 20:22:47
eee: You might want to explain the 32kHz setting issue with the raw board feed that night.

When listening back to this, you'll probably want to reduce the bass response (220 and down) and add some higher frequencies. The PA at Alfred's was old, weather-beaten (by being right on the beach) and, was a piece of shit.

JonO spent the entirety of next day before the 5/25/98 show in Montego Bay renting high-end sound reinforcement. Thanks and major respect goes to him, because where this show is rough sounding, the next night was a f*cking masterpiece!


"Where else in the world do you roll joints THIS BIG
(while handing a burning 6"x3/4" spliff to me) and
do it _every day_?"

-Keith Moseley to me, ankle deep in Negril
twatts 2013-02-26 23:21:04
ECB - sorry, I just checked Steve's rack and from May 97, he has 5/1/97 and 5/19/97... He may have more in a rack I don't have, but I doubt it, he keeps things well organized...

That being said, he may have a Cass(x) of those shows...

ECB 2013-02-27 05:56:17
Terry: Thanks for checking. I'm not holding my breath, but maybe, just maybe, Edmund will have access to it. But by all means, post the 5/1 and 5/19 if you ever get the chance. I know you're a busy man!

Thanks for all you do for all of us, Terry.

eee 2013-02-27 10:59:57
EB have you been drinking the kool aid again? Hah. I'm pretty sure I don't have that 5/23 show. I think we had this conversation 10 years ago but I'll check. I'm chit chatting with Terry and Steve on the side so we'll figure it out.
ECB 2013-02-28 09:47:03
>EB have you been drinking the kool aid again? Hah. I'm pretty sure I don't have that 5/23 show. I think we had this conversation 10 years ago but I'll check. I'm chit chatting with Terry and Steve on the side so we'll figure it out.

No Kool-Aid for me since 2002. ;^D I'm sure we had this conversation before, but things can change in the period of 10 years.

Well, whaddaya know, someone uploaded 5/22/97 to the LMA, but indeed I've found the same hot signal problems (and kick drum overloads):

Oh well, I guess turn down the bass and enjoy the top end!

And the 5/23/97 (missing the opening Dud) is there too. That one sounds good; it's a Schoeps source I've never seen before., old music. =^D


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