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ArtistKeller Williams
ShowKeller Williams Live at The Melkweg on 2012-03-15 (Jam In The Dam 5) SOUNDBOARD flac [Miha the Fee's Archives #1]
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Downloads asKeller Williams Live at The Melkweg on 2012-03-15 (Jam In The Dam 5) SOUNDBOARD
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Description[Miha The Fee's Archives #1]

Keller Williams
Jam In The Dam 2012
The Melkweg
The Max Stage
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Source: DSBD -> Sony MiniDisk Hi-MD MZ-RH1
Linneage: Sony MiniDisk Hi-MD MZ-RH1 -> Audacity -> CDWav -> xACT

One set:
1. 2BU ->
2. Cold Roses
3. Tube Dub +
4. Novelty Song
5. Dragon Attack
6. I Am Elvis ->
7. Vacate
8. Doobie
9. Positive Reggae
10. Portapotty
11. Fat Man In The Bathtub
12. Sleep To Dream
13. Right Here *
14. People Watchin'
15. Birds Of A Feather
16. thanks / crowd
(no encore)

* = 1st time played
+ = w/improv lyrics

Keller Williams played first, then moe., and Mike Gordon Band played last on The Max stage on this night. Lotus and Dark Star Orchestra played on the Old Stage.

Taped and transfered by Miha The Fee
Checksums;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.21 on 2013-02-26 12:46:13 +0100<br />
<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t01.flac:b6b8295c5d3ae910843d714580290403<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t02.flac:a8cf0ce80dbbe0cbf42d677c2f1d7b89<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t03.flac:346dfa3705b4bd96e8d6f276ccb5d9e6<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t04.flac:96e358e8b89750607a630a9fc630df39<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t05.flac:ecf9aad5754d632e84494744225635da<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t06.flac:83abcb8634dc3b4c99a148e1b99d6bcd<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t07.flac:86650c050f6480defccf387411241d69<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t08.flac:fe3934a936a25c4dbfaf9f8214569e3d<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t09.flac:a4118f2c9275cc3707525d65cd05978b<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t10.flac:9651fef1242c57ea5812efeae48a98f5<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t11.flac:1d93abdb9975b6f1b1e3db186dc47172<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t12.flac:6785e992c6e0b51dee37c02c976ea1e2<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d1t13.flac:ddcbb4c90c43c3117b76b0b65ab9030d<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d2t01.flac:ec4ea9f7c6c582dea5457c17425b3bdd<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d2t02.flac:00d4f0f224fabfff4d855fb8a7e82ee1<br />
kw2012-03-15 DSBD d2t03.flac:ea533714ae9dce7bfb0b2518287daafe<br />
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MLPeep 2013-02-26 08:29:20
Thanks! This will get me huge points with the SO -- Keller solo is her favorite show.
treydaman 2013-02-26 10:34:32
Thanks for this Keller SBD, any more sbd's from this show?
andrewrclinton 2013-02-26 11:22:32
Big UP!
mihathefee 2013-02-26 17:41:59
Please like my page:
On Miha The Fee's Archives I will be posting 2 to 3 jamband shows per months on from my big archive :-) Many shows are from European tours and most of the music is to this date uncirculated. On this page you will be informed about future releases! Enjoy the music!!!

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