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ShowMoon Hooch2013-02-16 Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
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TorrentMoon_Hooch2013-02-16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash1a0b8bfea38b624ad31d454d54016861420c0914
DescriptionMoon Hooch
Stubb's BBQ
Austin, TX

Source: AKG 483 > Tascam DR-680 24/48
Location: Left of SBD at 9 ft.
Transfer: Tascam DR-680 > Wavelab 5.0 (resample, dither) > CDWave (tracking) > flac level 6
Taped and transferred by Larry Pillman (atxtaperATyahooDOTcom)

One Set
01 Tubes
02 Trac2
03 Trac3
04 #9
05 Bari 3
06 Trac6
07 Trac7 >
08 Contrabass Dubstep
09 Milk and Waffles

1. Opened for Lotus.
2. Setlist and show tracking probably not 100% correct.
Checksums84b75a46d6d6f9cbd59c5bf58a7ae9d9 *Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t01.flac
68da6564b15af8e6e3fe4cc82abb72e7 *Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t02.flac
c52ef5f1bc4188314b67b0e3163afae0 *Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t03.flac
080238b17b54d25d5ec024a9668682b4 *Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t04.flac
2d02e84a6861130a6cfaf1f1a9ed1f37 *Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t05.flac
9c636d587eb58c52f74ffdb651c00374 *Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t06.flac
cf6a05411c6817f42b8220630b95f3d8 *Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t07.flac
d67ff238449a53303af07a429fb621c7 *Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t08.flac
d52d785fa6b0e0ccd867237655734a20 *Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t09.flac
Last seederLast activity 57 days, 13:50:23 ago
Size229.92 MB (241090853 Bytes)
Added2013-02-26 09:15:04
Snatched22 times
Upped bylpillman
Num files12 files
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Moon_Hooch2013-02-16.ffp594 BN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16.md5603 BN/A
moon_hooch2013-02-16.txt495 BN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t01.flac27.66 MBN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t02.flac25.05 MBN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t03.flac26.12 MBN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t04.flac31.21 MBN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t05.flac22.75 MBN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t06.flac28.63 MBN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t07.flac13.80 MBN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t08.flac19.08 MBN/A
Moon_Hooch2013-02-16s01t09.flac35.62 MBN/A
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malrobek 2013-02-26 17:44:15
Many thanks for Moon Hooch!

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