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Showfurthur, 2013-02-24, 1stbank center, fob/dfc -- 16bit
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Torrentfurthur2013-02-24.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash32834dfa958cdcd7d98c49a2c9e9df62d38f241a
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1st bank center, broomfield, co

busman bsc2 (fob/dfc/cardioid)>fostex fr2le @24/48 (transparent mod)>cf>hdd>r8brain>cdwav>tlh (flac level 6)

set 1

01 intro
02 truckin>
03 the wheel>
04 samson and delilah
05 brown eyed women
06 lazy river road
07 throwin stones
08 big railroad blues

set 2

01 intro
02 lost sailor>
03 saint of circumstance
04 cumberland blues*
05 dark star>
06 unbroken chain>
07 days between>*
08 eyes of the world>**
09 sugar magnolia
10 encore break/donor rap
11 brokedown palace**


show tagged with foobar2000 live show tagger
* w/jason crosby on fiddle
** w/jason crosby on keys
Checksums62d69de1c4ea6d5acfa86f39445efefe *furthur2013-02-24.s1t01.flac<br />
5c6bd82660c0b54e8cf423a7bdf77d8b *furthur2013-02-24.s1t02.flac<br />
76324fce01f64a47daa29fb2a8187321 *furthur2013-02-24.s1t03.flac<br />
85a983a78f449ef225970160bd8551c6 *furthur2013-02-24.s1t04.flac<br />
2f110d128c0e71c405f7ed04dbe9578b *furthur2013-02-24.s1t05.flac<br />
9b44ddfad4b23196c7251364ac541c9d *furthur2013-02-24.s1t06.flac<br />
62e7704d0f45cd5f15661d85e2bd2b99 *furthur2013-02-24.s1t07.flac<br />
7f0ed7d6e96e466ea6d8e0a81276c498 *furthur2013-02-24.s1t08.flac<br />
7430a5bd3a9bb11e09c274b27c0555a3 *furthur2013-02-24.s2t01.flac<br />
331bc916b5091cf8005fcddbdd444632 *furthur2013-02-24.s2t02.flac<br />
b540c5ad79ebc40019020d552dc3b29f *furthur2013-02-24.s2t03.flac<br />
30de524908703ed27477e7d93a81e93a *furthur2013-02-24.s2t04.flac<br />
1197d80181fd68bc7ecdc54594abc9e5 *furthur2013-02-24.s2t05.flac<br />
09a7f26b4be9d0f391aecd4f3521783f *furthur2013-02-24.s2t06.flac<br />
29e2b38742be891a361b70168e9c148f *furthur2013-02-24.s2t07.flac<br />
64d4d133c4eedc42cf1ac5a2bd21260f *furthur2013-02-24.s2t08.flac<br />
bf5bbb3564e2ef849f605df28e027b14 *furthur2013-02-24.s2t09.flac<br />
2905151f879df6825c99f6145f00fd55 *furthur2013-02-24.s2t10.flac<br />
f9a1d35fd37adddbe3bbfac4d423d5a6 *furthur2013-02-24.s2t11.flac
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Added2013-02-26 12:36:06
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furthur2013-02-24.s2t05.flac128.83 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t06.flac109.10 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t08.flac76.61 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t04.flac75.76 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t07.flac74.53 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s1t02.flac70.74 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s1t03.flac68.45 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s1t07.flac68.13 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t03.flac60.97 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t09.flac55.22 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t02.flac50.49 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s1t04.flac46.08 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s1t06.flac44.35 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t11.flac42.82 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s1t05.flac42.56 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s1t08.flac33.79 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t10.flac18.56 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s1t01.flac2.11 MBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.s2t01.flac807.6 kBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.md51.2 kBN/A
furthur2013-02-24.flac16.txt687 BN/A
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kingfishcigars 2013-02-26 12:38:09
we ran fob all three nights. first weekend running these mics, this is easily my best pull of the run. about halfway back between stage and sbd.

im pretty happy with the sound on this one.
1478 2013-02-26 17:24:39
sprobeck 2013-02-27 14:58:42
outreach 2013-03-29 23:30:29
Sounds great! Many thanks.

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