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ArtistRailroad Earth
Showrre2013-02-23- 930 Club, Washington, DC ~akg463mod source~ **16 bit**
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Torrentrre2013-02-23.akg463mod.ua5.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash4dce20ed5548831dcea9c6240b10e686ba07cc6e
DescriptionRailroad Earth
February 23, 2013
930 Club
Washington, DC

Taper: Rockinman
Location: Tapers Section,Left stack,mics A-B config,stand at 12 feet
Source: akg460mods/ck63 hypercaps(bass rolloff)->UA5 preamp(Wmod)->Marantz PMD661(SPDIF In) @ 24/48 kHz
Transfer: PMD661->Dynex SD Card Reader->PC
Conversion: 24/48kHz wav->Soundforge 8.0 for resample and dither to 16/44.1 kHz,No Normalization, Waves L3 Ultramaximizer applied->CDWave Editor->Flac Frontend(level 5)->Foobar 2000 for tagging

**********DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT***************************

Set I

Disc 1

01. Intro
02. The Jupiter and the 119->
03. Cuckoo's Medley->
04. Bird in a House
05. Just So You Know
06. Flower Between the Stones
07. Chains
08. Mourning Flies->
09. Lone Croft Farewell
10. Lordy, Lordy

Set Break

Set II

Disc 2

11. Intro
12. Came Up Smilin'
13. Cold Water
14. Gold Rush
15. Walk Beside Me
16. Li'l Bit O' Me
17. Daddy-O

Disc 3

18. Way of the Buffalo->
19. Black Bear
20. Warhead Boogie->
21. Spring-Heeled Jack
22. Happy Song

23. Encore Break


24. Acadian Driftwood $

$ The Band cover

Many thanks to Chris S. for securing me a ticket and to Jen and Kurt for their help too! You guys rock!

Thanks also to Mark and Diane and the 3 young gals for helping block the mic stands during the show. Well done and much appreciated!

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on February 24, 2013
Checksumsrre2013-02-23t01.flac:a21a5a0c8b6f1282a5dca03a2441348a<br />
rre2013-02-23t02.flac:41a978a621d611f1251bb06b0677fe66<br />
rre2013-02-23t03.flac:f61f3a6c473cd58fc1810ba35a36853c<br />
rre2013-02-23t04.flac:76c6f90acdf6d12745c5f12495bb9976<br />
rre2013-02-23t05.flac:08be660f473768f6001b79a549ebe15b<br />
rre2013-02-23t06.flac:cd7ff98efea341c43e415ab7a2a1f02f<br />
rre2013-02-23t07.flac:f1b5cf9c3d434eefb3bb865ba4f5717b<br />
rre2013-02-23t08.flac:76f045b1b56c0534e421141119da56fb<br />
rre2013-02-23t09.flac:d027f257a65757d7aaf76a0ef0776294<br />
rre2013-02-23t10.flac:ef95141012938cb22f5730f46ba2ae88<br />
rre2013-02-23t11.flac:889ecdcb8e50247fab42c5237be185f9<br />
rre2013-02-23t12.flac:81469fc1cc3e5c8bfcc2b8cc139cb5c7<br />
rre2013-02-23t13.flac:9b2fdb0f7a98ce436661501597ff8c38<br />
rre2013-02-23t14.flac:9945f7e539f19bbf34fd2ea08752d48b<br />
rre2013-02-23t15.flac:144c6d894a18f32ffcce87f37965641d<br />
rre2013-02-23t16.flac:e0e0fc843081ed57ad7f64bb83fa68a6<br />
rre2013-02-23t17.flac:307bc6f35952e796598dd2f3084b377a<br />
rre2013-02-23t18.flac:b55a389bb2595bbac9539df9653fa359<br />
rre2013-02-23t19.flac:3b941cab7fe74c66a50b148fb71cad15<br />
rre2013-02-23t20.flac:aac00291d4ddec5632414a82a97871be<br />
rre2013-02-23t21.flac:de063a487e6f5788071c968f4c738762<br />
rre2013-02-23t22.flac:fc389becf42e576ab56401dcecbe5f74<br />
rre2013-02-23t23.flac:9f40b7a611ace9f48d25b053af7aaecf<br />
rre2013-02-23t24.flac:a4f226d793eb373403778d1a230fc474<br />
TypeRailroad Earth
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rre2013-02-23t10.flac31.66 MBN/A
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rre2013-02-23t23.flac28.88 MBN/A
rre2013-02-23t17.flac26.64 MBN/A
rre2013-02-23t22.flac26.62 MBN/A
rre2013-02-23t01.flac10.46 MBN/A
rre2013-02-23t11.flac5.62 MBN/A
rre2013-02-23.akg463mod.ua5.flac16.txt1.6 kBN/A
rre2013-02-23.akg463mod.ua5.flac16.st51.6 kBN/A
rre2013-02-23.akg463mod.ua5.flac16.ffp.txt1.3 kBN/A
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mikefreed 2013-02-26 21:23:58
thank you

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