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ShowMike Cooley Larimer Lounge, Denver, Colorado 2/24/2013 24/48
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TorrentCooley2013-2-24-bsc2.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asCooley2013-2-24-bsc2
Info hash772599ad2ed6c22cec17c98cb55ea0d80fddad25
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DescriptionSource: BSC2-31 Hyper (DIN, FOB, left of center, ~10 feet) > mixpre > M10 >
Sonar X2 > CD Wave > Traders Little Helper
Taper: J.R. Ley

01-Crowd and intro banter
02-Ghost To Most
03-Perfect Timing
04-Where The Devil Don't Stay
05-Birthday Boy
06-72 (This Highway's Mean)
07-Three Dimes Down
08-One Of These Days
09-Self Destructive Zones
10-Marry Me
11-Cartoon Gold
12-Sounds Better In a Song
13-Gravity's Gone
14-Women Without Whiskey
15-Uncle Frank
17-Panties In Your Purse
18-Drinkin' Coke And Eating Ice
19-Guitar Man Upstairs
20-Shut Up And Get On The Plane

21-Space City
22-Zip City
23-Everybody Needs Love
ChecksumsCooley2013-2-24-t01.flac:ac14085cce9c58955fd93b8185f458a1<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t02.flac:2c563e99ccb79de5967e171448c02614<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t03.flac:20f95517dc1b331937d8d72946afc3d2<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t04.flac:f25132226e5406b4abe28b2a13d7cd59<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t05.flac:b6525f9e1ff52d507e6ecdf7581cb739<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t06.flac:9a5c369d5e2a14197e69f39ed689d722<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t07.flac:1564b125f61c1f6b5dd8e2ee181965e7<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t08.flac:90c6604304cfe5d988432e9d791c2142<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t09.flac:067d2dcb4f61bb36a3fa66e840e01b1e<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t10.flac:6fe7e812ac448bb8fc23fc95665f79a0<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t11.flac:3aa8f685b9f9ae24d00f9322fbd7ff03<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t12.flac:2ea873c4e6e788a1ae713d1bc66757f6<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t13.flac:5b20ca9b5913cc778fac33d506aa1c02<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t14.flac:7fd415db0d0602daf8dd7d8d004e5a6f<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t15.flac:6d1be00083803615eb7e5f9eee20a3ee<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t16.flac:c20fc2ece9ba89380bc1a156551c425d<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t17.flac:19e2163b1552c635da4ad5f1033659e5<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t18.flac:291dc6c3737e3d9d1e07525d8e6ca5d8<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t19.flac:3b6e48e8912d44d25112fbe0c0c1d51a<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t20.flac:f6fd9bcf17a8d22fbfcd0def2028da9e<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t21.flac:1aaad4e5d48baa1399281f2d5de14135<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t22.flac:8dc6415d6c4e1c3f90cb5a225bff7f46<br />
Cooley2013-2-24-t23.flac:22713e6841977a4b2a2995a05280311d<br />
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Added2013-02-26 18:00:22
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Cooley2013-2-24.24-48.bsc2.txt713 BN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-bsc2.ffp1.3 kBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t01.flac14.87 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t02.flac46.79 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t03.flac24.46 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t04.flac41.62 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t05.flac51.79 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t06.flac36.83 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t07.flac17.82 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t08.flac62.69 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t09.flac47.67 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t10.flac47.67 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t11.flac26.44 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t12.flac47.71 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t13.flac39.01 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t14.flac37.27 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t15.flac52.29 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t16.flac52.40 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t17.flac36.52 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t18.flac33.36 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t19.flac27.35 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t20.flac29.49 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t21.flac55.15 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t22.flac43.83 MBN/A
Cooley2013-2-24-t23.flac46.16 MBN/A
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ccdonah 2013-02-26 21:19:07
Thanks, was wondering how many came out for this? Since it became a snow show. Couldn't make it down, thanks for the recording
Toke420 2013-02-26 21:35:05
It was still pretty full, I guess maybe 80% or so of Saturday night in the main area. I don't think the bar area was nearly as full. Roads were a little bad going to the show, but pretty good when it let out.
ccdonah 2013-02-27 09:57:24
Love the Larimer Lounge, great little shitty venue..... Never a bad show there. Aud came out great thanks again!!

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