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ArtistDavid Bromberg
ShowDavid Bromberg & Friends 2002-09-28 HarvestFest Fairburn GA sbd **16 Bit**
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Torrentbmbg2002-09-28sbd.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashdd3dbd8f666b46292ca7d81f9021425fdfff1183
DescriptionDavid Bromberg, Papa Mali, Curtis Burch & JJ Grey
Pickin' Pad Stage
Harvest Fest, Fairburn GA
sbd>da-p1 16/44.1
dat(m)>cdwave splits>tlh flac8
t&s by c. cage

01 Sweet Potato Vine
02 How Junior Got His Head Put Out
03 Hot Corn, Cold Corn
04 Blues Jam in G
05 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
06 Gal Youngin'
07 I Like To Sleep Late In the Morning
08 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
09 Curtis Banter
10 Honey, Don't You Cry No More
11 Rollin' and Tumblin'
Checksumsbmbg2002-09-28t01.flac:8cbc554c4b9bdd461c5bc13d7f3d8958<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t02.flac:65048e20f7b66bcba38432e7cca1bf1b<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t03.flac:1f887f889e0d0f8e8114a46c9e0db516<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t04.flac:17bc70df8e703eb24208c15a841ae4a0<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t05.flac:bb337f88284e067fcfdcefc2e7a33219<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t06.flac:7408e127c3ef8f9e46c6543db8b60d1e<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t07.flac:3ffd728fee036f8dd777a97f062de714<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t08.flac:9785a950033e93661e0aad70b133a2da<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t09.flac:bdfcfb7608212cb1fc4c79d4f53c0521<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t10.flac:39ccb106af83f1e553c1b7138abce904<br />
bmbg2002-09-28t11.flac:93f1740a5dbedf31086db73527461a77<br />
<br />
TypeDavid Bromberg
Last seederLast activity 24:00 ago
Size260.07 MB (272699643 Bytes)
Added2013-02-26 21:51:45
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Num files13 files
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bmbg2002-09-28t06.flac36.32 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t05.flac34.74 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t02.flac28.50 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t10.flac26.80 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t11.flac25.85 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t08.flac23.71 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t07.flac22.34 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t04.flac21.61 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t01.flac16.81 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t03.flac16.05 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28t09.flac7.34 MBN/A
bmbg2002-09-28sbd.ffp627 BN/A
bmbg.txt473 BN/A
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scootertrash 2013-02-26 21:53:29
I believe i was patched out of Grandpa Zman for this one.
ArchivalAudio 2013-02-27 02:08:32
thank you for more Bromberg!
zmanatl 2013-02-27 08:33:40
Correct Grandson, you were patched out of me. What a great weekend we had! Hard to believe it was 10 years ago!

Here is the next day that we saw too Chris (I just got a laugh as we ate at Waffle House after the LONG weekend of music!):
porvida 2013-02-28 03:30:00
Thanks a lot!

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