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ShowThe Steepwater Band 2013-02-03 "Blues Bowl" Blue Note, Columbia MO SBD **24bit**
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Torrenttsb-2013-02-03-bnote-como-sbd-flac2444.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash67ea436866e853c7521c25c5b5e03b88d90bee62
DescriptionThe Steepwater Band
BXR "Blues Bowl"
The Blue Note
Columbia MO

SBD>t-mod/d-mod ua-5>Tascam DR-2D@24/44.1

Goldwave (unlowcut, Compression, volmax, track, split)>TLH (FLACs)

Jam>Crossroads>Rollin' & Tumblin' tease>Crossroads
High & Humble
Bottle of Red Wine
Off The Rails
You Don't Love Me
Come On Down
Revelation Sunday
One Way Ride
Honey Bee
Grace & Melody
Out On Funk
Remember The Taker

TSB is :
Jeff Massey : vocals, guitar
Eric Saylors : guitar, vocals
Tod Bowers : bass
Joe Winters : drums

Thanks, of course, to the band for letting us do this.

Please don't forget to go to their gigs, check out their merch, and visit their website :

Share, never sell, and as Ribblefribbitz says: "Please do not convert to Edison tin cylinders or 78rpm wax discs."

recorded and upped by Jeremy Hunsaker/telepicker97

**Thanks to Hucklive for the transfer and to Dylan McCord for the board patch!!


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388dedc511b78a5917fb642cdd306845 *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t01.flac
6bad384cbea079ad5416fd1fbcc047df *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t02.flac
ff76414b62433233688686c381b47504 *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t03.flac
b8fa225f0ad3eeb646317e5e74f82d5b *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t04.flac
353d8afe8180b3959ce891ce77b1e450 *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t05.flac
7f7a8f3f8670f0ca56f68d24b9345bf2 *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t06.flac
32d1a01872497072f3a7eb1d4fd4ea31 *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t07.flac
96f6e1c5c63dc9547fc97e23f08b031a *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t08.flac
cbb68156734b6a4b16ec02e0015eb00b *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t09.flac
c66354b96019384b289efe4f979397b8 *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t10.flac
52157a7d4e85a29fb7297522b0d3efdf *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t11.flac
9ca4dbba6a0fb41f48fd4ecb05d890f5 *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t12.flac
04ec52979c62767b67da44b9382482b2 *tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t13.flac
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tsb-2013-02-03-bnote-como-sbd-flac2444.shntool_len.txt1.4 kBN/A
tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t01.flac149.45 MBN/A
tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t02.flac67.72 MBN/A
tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t03.flac48.69 MBN/A
tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t04.flac49.89 MBN/A
tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t05.flac81.32 MBN/A
tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t06.flac70.95 MBN/A
tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t07.flac76.07 MBN/A
tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t08.flac47.76 MBN/A
tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t09.flac74.88 MBN/A
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tsb-2013-02-03-sbd24-t11.flac140.88 MBN/A
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