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ArtistSam Bush
ShowSam Bush & Del McCoury 2013-02-23 Stockbridge Theater - Derry, NH -akg481>V2>R44 -flac 16/44
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Torrentsambush-delmccoury2013-02-23.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashf4b615251f40d1c4cde398dcbd28fe9bbbd7bd35
DescriptionSam Bush & Del McCoury
Sat. February 23, 2013
Stockbridge Theater
Derry, NH

source: akg 481 > Lunatec V2 > Edirol R-44 > WAV (24/96k)
transfer: wav > Audacity > wav (16/44.1k) > xACT > flac8

tape/transfer - corey the groundhog (china_c_a_tATyahooDOTcom)

one set (110:06)

01. Heavy Traffic Ahead
02. Ole Slew Foot
03. banter
04. Hang Your Head in Shame
05. It's a Long Long Way to The Top of The World
06. True Life Blues
07. banter
08. I Know What it Means to Be Lonesome
09. banter
10. The Bluegrass Stomp
11. banter
12. The Bluest Man In Town
13. banter
14. Midnight On the Stormy Deep
15. banter
16. I'm Blue
17. banter
18. Roll On Buddy Roll On
19. banter
20. Majestic
21. Tennessee Blues
22. banter
23. High On The Mountain
24. banter
25. Pride (In the Name of Love)
26. Q and A/banter
27. unknown instrumental *
28. banter
29. 'Cept Old Bill
30. encore intro
31. My Last Days on Earth
32. Old Crossroads
33. banter
34. Nine Pound Hammer

Audio disc split works anywhere between tracks 11-27. Recommended between tracks 21/22.

Del McCoury - Guitar, Banjo* & Vocals
Sam Bush - Mandolin, Fiddle & Vocals

groundhog 2013 shared recording # 28 (Show # 26)
Checksums;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.21 on 2013-02-27 12:16:04 -0500<br />
<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t01.flac:50c195b4e1348e561191aa63f3700894<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t02.flac:9d80324d1864cc0b9c57714c9e803cbd<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t03.flac:3b14e92b7b60ce7b54296798bb7e602f<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t04.flac:c93abd7d5f795549d6246cc22fb738be<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t05.flac:8805524c7ef4cc1892ff1d34bce96f8c<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t06.flac:dc1a0e4495b1b2019d42e8a29d8168b9<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t07.flac:8fdfddfe6bc35456e8274cac04da0c0d<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t08.flac:08954f1cd51dbd6b5c61755427112443<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t09.flac:3c14498b576ecb8ed6fc4d270c26836f<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t10.flac:12254eeb801115e8566e2a2704836931<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t11.flac:e332a71e318116d3c340310b3c58c355<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t12.flac:62406e64ad1a119962c2972d09252863<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t13.flac:be607812a390bbf511d08be8dc278b7b<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t14.flac:e3ea64633e4a0d4848353570a7488215<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t15.flac:3a3ae988067d072b2c853a62e03955ae<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t16.flac:7c047f68267fe4184a5f86e3fba69716<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t17.flac:87a20b1f1c8287fdcd2c8724143cd325<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t18.flac:8997ec32993983b75f08bd57b587a2f4<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t19.flac:56595a29d25607106e36298072e1bf4b<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t20.flac:039cc306cf53e462cceaeddf12cf6e01<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t21.flac:935e92653b61acfeb633e5ba7d3d08b2<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t22.flac:b3ebe6f094ab12ab3edb6da7c598385f<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t23.flac:d1a4142aed252d7b4ad36522254b06e1<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t24.flac:8085615989e706ae314d03dce5141278<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t25.flac:8991c462996a545ad986b92b0396cc25<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t26.flac:e921aabd16821e2584ea98ff07663538<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t27.flac:437bf15b197774825f4f03071182de8a<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t28.flac:57d454a8dbe9518bdb00a9fc9cdd4862<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t29.flac:a0cedcc354c02bb3a6dda26ca2d9e4a4<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t30.flac:dc467e9eda667d8222635ac126124fda<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t31.flac:63ae1d953a02099c7582476501dd8fd3<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t32.flac:f99b17e281f46d38eba5fb17966cd411<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t33.flac:2b3a19a2bacd19e95fd0f5caaf3ebb53<br />
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t34.flac:e845b8125154fc1e1ead43bbe47d231a<br />
TypeSam Bush
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sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t26.flac42.92 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t29.flac28.99 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t34.flac24.38 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t27.flac24.37 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t01.flac21.43 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t32.flac21.35 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t14.flac21.07 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t20.flac18.97 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t10.flac18.39 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t23.flac18.29 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t31.flac16.93 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t04.flac16.78 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t25.flac16.58 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t05.flac16.11 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t16.flac16.04 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t02.flac15.43 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t18.flac15.01 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t08.flac14.74 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t21.flac13.70 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t28.flac12.32 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t06.flac12.17 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t12.flac11.82 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t11.flac11.63 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t33.flac10.54 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t17.flac10.24 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t24.flac7.98 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t07.flac7.34 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t03.flac7.34 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t30.flac7.31 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t22.flac7.29 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t09.flac5.02 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t15.flac4.84 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t19.flac3.18 MBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23t13.flac2.92 MBN/A
IMG_3532.JPG1.01 MBN/A
IMG_3531.JPG802.1 kBN/A
IMG_3534.JPG608.9 kBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23.ffp.txt2.4 kBN/A
sambush-delmccoury2013-02-23.txt1.1 kBN/A
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scootertrash 2013-02-27 13:37:57
Hey corey is that the R4 i sold you?

zmanatl 2013-02-27 13:46:40
Nice work Corey. I was planning on being there if I was in the area working.
2groundhog2 2013-02-27 13:50:46
No Chris, this is my R44. All I can say is I'm an addict for recorders. I've used your R4 only twice. It'll get much more play time as all this snow up here melts away. Glad to have given it a new home.
oldjembo 2013-02-27 14:29:51
Thanks loads
JennaF 2013-02-27 17:16:28
Very cool!! Thanks a lot!! :)
jdmatt68 2013-02-27 17:43:36
thanks for taping and sharing! what was your location?
skevap 2013-02-27 17:47:00
Thanks! First one from the tour to show up that I know of.

BTW, these shows are being recorded by my buddy Rob for a commercial release.
mrogers 2013-02-27 17:54:51
Thank you for upping this! This was a wonderful show in a beautiful theater.
bvaz 2013-02-27 18:13:14
sounds great corey. thanks
2groundhog2 2013-02-27 23:44:14
Mics were about 3-4' at the middle walkway. Directly to the left of the soundboard. The sound man, Danny (I think), mentioned they were recording all the shows but weren't certain if they were going to do anything with the recordings or not.
Pearhead 2013-02-28 08:03:39
Much thanks for the upload!!!!
JeremyLykins 2013-02-28 08:49:55
Thanks for sharing! I know that it's probably just me, but I don't really think that Sam and Del sound very good singing together. I was expecting to love this recording, but instead I find myself wishing that there would be a 3rd vocalist to balance the two of them out.
Reelboy 2013-02-28 11:16:50
Thank you very much! I'll give the duo a try, despite previous comment. It happens.
skevap 2013-02-28 18:27:00
Let me correct myself. As it was put to me, he shows are being recorded for a "possible" release.

If they don't go with it, I'll get a show or two and you can rest assured I will share via this site.
indydarkstar 2013-02-28 21:02:58
2groundhog2 2013-02-28 23:55:44
Cool skevap, Look forward to purchasing or downloading some other/s from this tour.

Now also available on LMA


ccdonah 2013-03-01 09:38:14
JeremyLykins, it is you.....
Buckeye18 2013-03-02 23:03:11
So nice! Many thanks for taping and sharing this wonderful event.

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