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ArtistPhil Lesh & Friends
ShowPhil Lesh, Joe Russo, Eric Krasno 2013-11-09 ~ Sheep Meadow ~ Central Park ~ New York, NY
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TorrentPhil Lesh 2013-11-09 Central Park ~ Sheep Meadow ~ New York, NY.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asPhil Lesh 2013-11-09 Central Park ~ Sheep Meadow ~ New York, NY
Info hash07998c778e3a747f5b3a4259950b4fef5d9e36aa
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DescriptionPhil Lesh, Joe Russo, Eric Krasno
Central Park
Sheep Meadow - 1pm Free Show
New York, NY

Recorded by: Seaweed
Source: AT943cards>SP-SPSB-10>MM-AT-1>H2n(24/48)
Transfer: wavelab>r8b>cdwav>TLH(8)>flac
Location: 5ft in front of Phil, mics hand held on makeshift t-bar ~ 7ft. One mic pointed at Phil's speaker, other pointed at Eric's speaker

01 ...Jam*
02 Get Back
03 band meeting deciding next song
03 Jam

Phil Lesh - Bass
Joe Russo - Drums
Eric Krasno - Guitar

Notes: * First 40 seconds missing due to mic bumps from setting up on the fly. Some wind distortion at times and a mic bump or two during opening jam trying to fix mics.
Checksums01 Jam.flac:3678f1226f226efa3523f26142b241e0
02 Get Back.flac:57dbd6e6a3de43d81740d6adca392986
03 band meeting.flac:ab7d7e86aa52b36c8d0945538c5f8696
04 Jam.flac:a1c50a65e2dca4693d598071b7108d1b
TypePhil Lesh & Friends
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DougR. 2013-11-10 10:43:35
Thanks a TON!
jakechyllenhaal 2013-11-10 11:28:21
Was Phil out in Central Park looking for additional pieces of Garcia's coattail to ride on and exploit?
april81972 2013-11-10 14:14:29
cmval 2013-11-10 15:27:19
whoa, take that crap back to Phantasy Tour or wherever
raelco 2013-11-10 15:58:50
Jake-what a blowhard you are.

He's not aloud to make a living and do what he has been doing his whole life.

He has done more benefits and helped the community more than you.

The Who and The Stones are way more money grubbing by far. 2013-11-10 19:55:02
Yep, I was there, as was Todd Hinden
letitgro 2013-11-11 14:41:50
Thanks for sharing this.
liverich 2013-11-11 15:35:05
I have Jeff T.'s Schoeps copy complete if anyone wants it.
rockumal 2013-11-11 20:55:43
rich- is his source online anywhere?
astrnmyd 2013-11-11 21:38:32
actually the furthur side of Phantasy Tour has a link to a supposedly complete video...i think it is close to 30 that right?
liverich 2013-11-12 13:07:12
I don't believe Jeff's copy is up. I can't upload, but I'll send a CD to someone that can. Contact

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