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ArtistThe Slip
ShowThe Slip - 10/31/02 The Mercury@Jazz, Austin, TX (SBD Matrix)
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Torrentslip2002-10-31.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash98fed0b3e0038b61dd5528c21fb3e538b48f0695
DescriptionThe Slip
The Mercury@Jazz, Austin, TX

Source: Unknown (see notes)

Set I:
1. Get Me With Fuji
2. Planet of Inexperience
3. Tenfold
4. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
5. Jumby
6. Nashua Rose
7. Yaki Soba

Set II + Encore:
8. The Earth Will Dissever And Consume You After These Messages
9. jam (with whipping of George W. Bush)
10. Love and Tears
11. Spice Groove > Family Affair jam
12. Moral Decay
13. encore break
14. Sometimes True To Nothing
15. Dogs on Bikes

This is a tagged transcode of verified SHN files I got from Jason Booth, who didn't know the source info.
I'd guess it is a SBD Matrix as it is very crisp and has good channel separation. Also after "Dogs on Bikes" you can hear the house music come up, and then the audience fade out. Fuji may be audience-only.
Show may not be complete, there were gaps between some tracks and some fades/cuts which I cleaned up a bit. It seems like it is mussing "Run River Run" at least according to SlipBase and I'm not entirely sure "Planet of Inexperience" should be where it is.
Overall it is a great sounding recording of a very interesting show!
Checksumsslip2002-10-31t01.flac:2bef7c74b96b6572953857e7e7dcee5c<br />
slip2002-10-31t02.flac:f54e3abe2246c7041af4d301581d1c7b<br />
slip2002-10-31t03.flac:3a50baf176f9e0981b0b9f963ad4a073<br />
slip2002-10-31t04.flac:92db27ca42042904828291b0f5a02ad6<br />
slip2002-10-31t05.flac:a8fdf74d4b62d80e58802150df8de094<br />
slip2002-10-31t06.flac:b3db276f3f11aaf641631e9036a972c6<br />
slip2002-10-31t07.flac:79eb938db3c59aa10d485d89ecd8a26c<br />
slip2002-10-31t08.flac:f86b57dbe68dc2d4c4a6b3b83869cc2e<br />
slip2002-10-31t09.flac:c8fd608476cab302a3d9e9c700221165<br />
slip2002-10-31t10.flac:d50405f55baaf0ea4e5f2ce14daa61a0<br />
slip2002-10-31t11.flac:29a66b1d314819d9598f9c040dd53fa9<br />
slip2002-10-31t12.flac:70c45d6a84b6a6139e6f63ba0a3b7dc4<br />
slip2002-10-31t13.flac:f7bebac532ad4c46de2d613b755e1876<br />
slip2002-10-31t14.flac:fa9664717d325ecd0290cd7b5f072db4<br />
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fozzy 2014-03-24 21:59:04
Most likely someone ran over from Stubb's to get to the Mercury to tape (~6 blocks). I hadn't started taping yet but we made it over to the Mercury mid-1st set and there was a fair a mount of people still trickling in. (my last houseman show)

I'm guessing someone may have had a board feed going and then this source was patched in as gear was setup.

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