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ShowJames McNew, Bill Frisell, and Jim Woodring - Town Hall, Seattle WA -2014-10-05
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Info hasheb8c57e99cb05056c04c74abd5ed623bf71399c3
DescriptionJames McNew, Bill Frisell, and Jim Woodring
Offhand Gestures: An Evening of Spontaneous Creation
Town Hall, Seattle WA

Recorded by Steve Kennedy-Williams
BSC1-SubCardioid > Denecke PS-1 > Sony M10
Reaper > TLH > FLAC

1. Dark Star > Comes A Time

Bill Frisell - Guitar
James McNew - Guitar and Vocal
Jim Woodring - Live Drawing

Permission to share given by Bill.
Live Drawing photo by Miles Abrams
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taperpat 2014-10-06 19:44:59
Steve--now that's a setlist!!!!!!! Thanks for recording and circulating!!!!
csmiller 2014-10-06 20:04:49
AWESOME! Thanks!
rhinowing 2014-10-06 20:54:57
holy shit, awesome. I would kill to hear Yo La Tengo take on some dead
mudderbug 2014-10-07 11:46:01
thanks for sharing! i went to high school with McNew and Frisell is one of my favorites. cheers!
ebernet 2014-10-07 15:41:39
WOW! I can't believe I missed this show. THANK YOU STEVE!
indydarkstar 2014-10-07 17:39:50
really fantastic,thanks for the share!!
Eli Spamhole 2014-10-07 22:57:00
Awesome! Thanks for sharing. For several years now, I've admired James' Woodring tattoo.
superfreakie 2014-10-08 17:10:53
Simply WOW!!!!!1 So very grateful Steve. Much thanks!!!!!
stevekw 2014-10-08 17:22:27
Glad y'all like it. It was a beautiful set.

A few years ago, my wife was complaining that nobody was recording the shows we saw. Told me to buy gear and start.

Nights like this are why I do it.
cvillehick 2014-10-09 20:56:04
cool wife, cool set, cool share. thanks a lot.
Pisces 2014-10-09 22:53:15
Thank you so much!
jazzlady 2014-10-10 07:48:02
Thank you Steve and thank you Bill. You never know what Frisell is going to play next.
rand0m 2014-10-13 04:35:32
Hard to imagine how Woodring comes through in the audio mix...
wharfratjoe 2014-10-19 04:05:11
Thank you! This is cool. I always enjoy the recordings you do :)
i-miss-tol 2014-11-04 07:04:33
anybody need a invite? msg me thx

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