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ArtistNorth Mississippi Allstars
ShowNorth Mississippi Osborne 2015-03-06 Thalia Hall, Chicago, IL *Schoeps MK41's*
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Torrent2015-03-06 North Mississippi Allstars.torrent (click to download)
Downloads as2015-03-06 North Mississippi Allstars
Info hash4c572978ad727bd252a94bbcb25554c8911ce252
DescriptionNorth Mississppi Allstars w/Anders Osborne
Thalia Hall
Chicago, IL

Taper: darktrain
Equip: Schoeps MK41's> Actives> Naiant Tinybox> Sony PCM-M10
Location: Balcony, Right Side of SBD on Stand 7ft high, PAS


01-Let It Roll
(NMAS set:)
02-The Meeting>
03-Back Back Train>
04-Shimmy She Wobble>
05-My babe>
06-Sittin' On Top the World
07-Up Over Yonder
08-Po Black Maddie>
09-Skinny Woman
10-Rollin' & Tumblin'
11-ML(Going Home)
12-Granny Does Your Dog Bite?
(AOB set:)
13-Pleasin' You
14-Send Me A Friend
15-Back On Dumaine
(NMO set:)
16-Junco Pardner
17-Back Together
18-Lonely Love
19-Dyin' Days
20-Fiya Water
22-Kings & Peasants
23-Brush Up Against You>
24-On the Road To Charlie Parker
25-Encore Break


26-Mississippi Boll Weevil>
27-Keep the Devil Down
28-Mean O'l Wind Died Down
29-Eagle Bird>
30-Eagle Bird cont.
31-Meet Me In The City
32-KC Jones(On the Road Again)
34-Away Way Too Long
35-Bid You Goodnight
Checksumsb80b1b2d5da621803f50d00178f96164 *01-Let It Roll.flac<br />
e847b68dc44545e1eae542b6f1f5e74f *02-The Meeting.flac<br />
4a0a50d90c4dbd77e4f0e7a04b33d292 *03-Back Back Train.flac<br />
c9b49cff2dd5029f98aebdecf4b2a22b *04-Shimmy She Wobble.flac<br />
7c32bb8204e11af19811cf671c00881d *05-My babe.flac<br />
93e1cfe15f313fea0e33a8edf4dbcec7 *06-Sittin' On Top the World.flac<br />
e9f1d2641413414d2a1c6248cf9903f8 *07-Up Over Yonder.flac<br />
6a46be2c91e3f383e59c00ba50f3f409 *08-Po Black Maddie.flac<br />
4d26fd45f477b0b5e20b595ab465f8ed *09-Skinny Woman.flac<br />
509f72b9952348729fc9ac6bca9267b2 *10-Rollin' &amp; Tumblin.flac<br />
56fa37fe06b70570282ef2b4f0641f70 *11-ML(Going Home).flac<br />
5aa7b5b7baa1da1b44d2aa15c0928c65 *12-Granny Does Your Dog Bite.flac<br />
48b54b7bf72d66edb6baffae81a279aa *13-Pleasin' You.flac<br />
8653f7d04a64bdff0228c356f8fea9ea *14-Send Me A Friend.flac<br />
0651655ef356420530a412b7ce19074e *15-Back On Dumaine.flac<br />
df88e2c8e16d2282abcb83fea973ebd4 *16-Junco Pardner.flac<br />
1f3312e2f7ab99334bcc3c3d9c3ab160 *17-Back Together.flac<br />
36f2cf06e2d199b4385d1040f3aa8fc3 *18-Lonely Love.flac<br />
98d583cc990f46eeb81a59922298f600 *19-Dyin' Days.flac<br />
de72040044baeed8a928d8eba11875f3 *2015-03-06.txt<br />
0cfc56c578ca4ae9ece912e41f12223c *20-Fiya Water.flac<br />
21258dbbaebf1cb5d4d5b4131aed31fe *21-Katrina.flac<br />
f1eb7b88dbc632914464d552ba211938 *22-Kings &amp; Peasants.flac<br />
949f8a9841533a6f55e79bb779d8be7c *23-Brush Up Against You.flac<br />
805bbe7503ce59e7d8d036eaac99c28a *24-On the Road To Charlie Parker.flac<br />
5b017a1b01d214bed29cabf4477d0a93 *25-Encore Break.flac<br />
9d839f891934f6dac68894a7cd5a459c *26-Mississippi Boll Weevil.flac<br />
b2701c6d541b124aefc97e4d44d56db0 *27-Keep the Devil Down.flac<br />
18a076a4a2900e6daff4e36d302c6ed6 *28-Mean O'l Wind Died Down.flac<br />
60ed9d403f59055d1a1e8e45ac89cae1 *29-Eagle Bird.flac<br />
fb2663c73e7994fa9ae066fb2af19f70 *30-Lord Have Mercy.flac<br />
e6a61c22152f6f49d47352abc682dee5 *31-Meet Me In The City.flac<br />
e37faf3361f79e2b54a9245fd8eef2f5 *32-KC Jones(On the Road Again).flac<br />
69d12bf759192e9cec485c79e512eac2 *33-Hodown.flac<br />
0101a3ad3c465aedbadc438fbf368f73 *34-Away Way Too Long.flac<br />
22025eec999eddde69e8fbdaabd22e48 *35-Bid You Goodnight.flac<br />
d2d23c3b50f973f2041cd58e671bc3bc *36-Annabel.flac
TypeNorth Mississippi Allstars
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darktrain 2015-03-07 13:55:41
One correction -

Eagle Bird> Lord Have Mercy, is actually Just Eagle Bird, looks like Lord have Mercy was dropped(I was tracking from a setlist and I am little green with NMA stuff)
chicagoblues 2015-03-07 15:37:01
I couldn't make this show.

Thanks for taping it
smokeyjoe75 2015-03-07 18:20:22
Awesome show!!! I was down in front for this one!!
poc 2015-03-08 10:49:10
great show, i was on the rail loc, not an adjective that can describe this show, maybe all of'em) thanks for taking the time and effort to record our evening)
HighPingDrifter 2015-03-08 11:25:37
Thalia Hall - Chicago

Chicago is literally built on top of a swamp, so erecting one of the world’s tallest skylines here is no mean feat. We construct great buildings according to a very demanding code and they do not fall down. This is no place for architectural dilettantes or fuckoffs.

The NMO Experience (aka NMO Wrecking Crew) came to Chicago’s charming Pilsen neighborhood last night and the very foundations of 125-year-old Thalia Hall were sorely tested as those Dirty-South boys brought enough sound and seismic percussion to fill an NFL stadium. (No, really)

I could talk in great detail about specific songs but the real magic last night was in the men onstage, seemingly possessed by wild heathen spirits, trancing into long, winding jams that transmogrified and shifted shape into barely-recognizable forms. Anders Osborne and Luther Dickinson traded feedback solos in a game of musical hot-potato, and everybody swapped instruments at various points. Cody Dickinson climbed out from behind his drumkit to join his brother Luther for the twin guitar leads of the hauntingly beautiful “ML (Goin’ Home)”, and at another point donned his trademark fright mask to lead a Dirty-South conga line into the crowd during the tribal rant “Granny Does Your Dog Bite?” Lightning Malcom and the rest of the collective showed a lot of instrumental flexibility as well. It goes without saying that Luther Dickinson demonstrated his innate genius in slide-playing.

It was geezerville down on the main floor, mostly middle-aged guys, and from the balcony it looked like a sea of bald-spots, but geezers or not, they were here to kick it North Mississippi style, and kick it they did as they stomped in time with the wild, raucous beats laid down onstage. The balcony shook like a ‘52 Chevy with blown tie-rods, beer bottles vibrating off the ledge onto the floor, crash after crash, and it was all part of the experience.

Favorite parts of the evening?? Very hard to pick anything out as it was all so damned amazing, but I particularly enjoyed the beginning of the Encore run, Mississippi Boll Weevil/Keep The Devil Down/Mean Ol’ Wind/Eaglebird/Lord Have Mercy, all one seamless headlong slide, one song into the next. And Luther and Anders' seemingly endless feedback jam during “On The Road to Charlie Parker” was the next best thing to having multiple orgasms.

All too soon, the lights went up, the bands walked off … and as the last seismic rumbles faded away and terminal deafness set in, I knew that I had been blessed to be in the presence of greatness. Three hours of tribal blowout with an 11-song encore, that too-neatly sums up what we saw and experienced last night. If you weren’t there, my poor words cannot properly convey the wild, ecstatic magic we shared, but you can find the video playback at:…/north-mississippi-allstars-ander…

.Steven Hildebrand.

“If you let the devil ride, he only gonna wanna drive.”
HighPingDrifter 2015-03-08 11:30:22
I was first-row balcony left and it was a phenomenal show, 3 hours long with an 11-song encore. I saw DarkTrain setting up his rig and while there were two other recording rigs there, I knew this was going to be The One to get. Sound quality is EX- which is awesome for an AUD recording. Vocals are a bit low at times but beyond that, just an amazing recording. Mega-Thanx and props out to DarkTrain for getting this bad dog down.


"When in doubt, I whip it out!"

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