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ArtistAnders Osborne
ShowAnders Osborne - Thalia Hall - Chicago, IL 2016-03-04 - AKG 481
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Torrentao2016-03-04akg481.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asao2016-03-04akg481
Info hash276f8154687e4b70f93f19d0ee4ec1037d506dbc
DescriptionAnders Osborne
2016-03-04 (Friday)
Thalia Hall
Chicago, IL

Recorded and seeded by Jeff Frank
AKG 481 > V3 > Marantz PMD661 (16/44.1)

t01 introduction
t02 Pleasing You
t03 Lafayette
t04 Big Talk
t05 Improvise
t06 Pontchartrain
t07 Echoes of my Sins
t08 Coming Down (AO/EM)
t09 Can You Still Hear Me?
t10 Burning on the Inside
t11 When I'm back up on my Feet
t12 Fire on the Mountain
t13 K.o.A.(Intro V.1&C.1)>Wind
t14 Move Back to Mississippi

t15 Aculpuco (AO/EM)
t16 Back on Dumaine (AO/EM)
Checksumsao2016-03-04akg481t01.flac:f8b301be6952bf8f30f78f73b4d3cfe8<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t02.flac:6ca6cae7b2c3adbfcf698eb79cc3531a<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t03.flac:e0ca791ceff48542c8879c918afbb88d<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t04.flac:50c6ac2ae5f0862a4fe6884e7eb81e98<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t05.flac:ba7632db6f66fb3d235336d09c0e9170<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t06.flac:570279afa40c9105638835c20ad05c76<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t07.flac:5535c44b8024b0742eaa4b77a197b7c1<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t08.flac:082fa35ab66bf2d62805f340acfb36bc<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t09.flac:364c9a4d474b04bf22eedd61932dee18<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t10.flac:025b0404c840ce519ceb776b56cf3631<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t11.flac:a3b9b2b77c39f6cc840bb06a85520c01<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t12.flac:9623ed378af0d89891006907720ad94c<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t13.flac:c44db795f2c935153ecea1e3e32e4758<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t14.flac:9cbbcd4e3a5a214361e7d973f01774bf<br />
ao2016-03-04akg481t15.flac:33cec97897c59929032247a28af4f5b4<br />
TypeAnders Osborne
Last seederLast activity 19:41 ago
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Added2016-03-05 12:56:31
Snatched94 times
Upped byjsfrank
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poc 2016-03-05 20:15:42
thanks so much for your efforts to tape this show, I said hello to you and mentioned etree, any chance you taped the Amy Helm set? thanks again for this Anders show!
jsfrank 2016-03-06 12:01:13
Just got done with the Amy Helm set:
coachdietsch 2016-03-06 14:08:33
Thanks for all your work on this Jeff...sounds great!!

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