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This site is provided by the community for sharing the live concert recordings of trade friendly artists. Please tell your friends and family about new bands that catch your ear, and support these artists by going to see them live and buying their CDs!

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From time to time, all the seeders will jump off a torrent leaving a few folks stuck with a partially downloaded show. Click here to see if you can help someone out. If you have already completed one of the shows please open your window back up until they have completed.

Please keep your BitTorrent download windows open as long as possible! This will speed up the downloads of others and help them finish their downloads faster.

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  • 13 OCT 08 - The tracker is having issues with Mysql connectivity. We're working on restoring service. Thanks for your patience. -Trey
  • 18 MAY 08 - DB issues are most likey resolved. Thanks for your patience. -Trey
  • 19 MAY 08 - Added seperate checksum section for each torrent. -Trey
  • 19 MAY 08 - Login issues for new accounts due to change in db.e/bt.e sync. Issue should be resolved. -Trey : : : : Legal : RSS Feed

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