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User Conduct

Almost all users conduct themselves in a polite, community-minded way. A few do not. Those who do not risk losing their db.etree and bt.etree accounts and their privilege to download torrents via bt.etree.

There is no master list of prohibited conduct here. That does not mean that anything goes. Instead, we trust you to use good judgment. All you need is common sense to avoid crossing the line. If you're uncertain, you probably shouldn't do it, whatever it is. That said, the following conduct is not tolerated at

  • Deliberately torrenting official releases, videos, .mp3s, or material that an artist has forbidden its fans to share.
  • Providing information via our websites about where to obtain non-trader-friendly material.
  • Spamming or advertising of any sort.
  • Trolling the message boards, band bashing, repetive postings, or making a general nuisance of yourself.
  • Selling live recordings on eBay. That will probably result in the loss of your account without warning or reprieve.

  • Generally, we will contact people whose behavior is becoming a problem. Most of the time, a simple e-mail resolves the issue. That's one of the things admins do, and you can reach us at or at

    Legal Stuff

    If you have a legal concern about the content of, please read this page first. You can then contact us using the link below.


    What is is a bittorrent tracker for the etree community, which was founded nearly a decade ago to support fans of artists like the Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread Panic and many others, who have wisely allowed their fans to record and copy their live performances. The websites provide a mechanism for these fans -- our users -- to locate and collect these live recordings, and to keep track of their collections. This site,, is a bittorrent tracker for lossless filesets of legal, live, audio recordings. To learn more about what does, please visit or look us up in wikipedia. only permits the sharing of material by artists who have given permission for their fans to tape, trade, and/or download recordings of their live performances. We may make a mistake or disagree about something, but we will not intentionally allow anyone to break an artist's copyright by sharing live material here against an artist's wishes. We respect artists' trading policies (even when we wish that they were different, or just written better). is entirely non-commercial, and no money changes hands here, ever. does not permit the torrenting of studio material, official releases or commercial products (with some exceptions for bands that permit such material to be copied and shared).

    From time to time, artists' policies change, and there can confusion about the contours of an artist's trading policy. Occasionally, material is mis-dated, or mis-listed as being one thing when it is in fact something else. This usually happens by mistake, and can be easily corrected. If you see a potential problem, please let us know, and we will investigate and take whatever steps and make whatever changes are appropriate.

    If you believe that a torrent listed on violates your copyright, we want to hear from you. Contact information follows. First, however, remember that you have an obligation to make a reasonable and diligent investigation of the facts first. Then, please get in touch.

    A final word to performers and their lawyers:

    We are not your enemy. Please take the time to learn about what we do. If you still have concerns, use this opportunity to reach us by e-mail. We will gladly address your concerns if we can.

    If you have any legal questions or concerns about this site, you can reach us at We look forward to hearing from you.